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Istanbul Samatya Cymbal Set XL

£333.00 (ex vat)

code 200331

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Istanbul Samatya Cymbal Set XL

Samatya Cymbal Set XL


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Istanbul Samatya Cymbal Set XL description:

The Istanbul Samatya Cymbal Set XL offers an incredible pack of hand hammered Turkish cymbals.

The Samatya pack from Istanbul are handmade using traditional Turkish cymbal making techniques, the pack includes 20” Ride,  16” Crash, 14” Hi-hats and now includes a FREE 18” Crash and Cymbal Bag!

The 20” Samatya Ride cymbal offers a brilliant warm and balanced tone and feel, with a clear wash and penetrating stick notes. The Crash delivers a bright, rich and fast attack with a full bodied decay. The hi-hats create a dark, powerful and crisp tone whilst keeping a dry defined stick tone.

The Istanbul Samatya Cymbal Set XL features include:

  • Amazing quality hand-hammered Turkish cymbal set
  • Ideal for many genres of music from Rock to Jazz and pop
  • Incredible value offering 20” Ride, 16” Crash, 14” Hi-hats, FREE 18” Crash + Cymbal Bag
  • B20 Alloy (20% Tin, 80% Copper)
  • Brilliant Finish

Istanbul Samatya Cymbal Set XL (code 200331)
Hand Hammered Cymbal Set, Includes 20" Ride, 16" Crash, 14" HiHat, Brilliant Finish
£333.00 (ex vat)

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