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Fame DD-6500 Electronic Drum Kit

£349.00 (ex vat)

code 208077

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Fame DD-6500 Electronic Drum Kit

DD-6500 Electronic Drum Kit

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Fame DD-6500 Electronic Drum Kit description:

The Fame DD-6500 E-Drum Set extends the Fame E-Drum range with great precision, offering a highly responsive all-mesh-head electronic drum set, alongside a versatile module, rack and smooth action pedals for a wonderfully low price point leaving you no excuse to pass up on your dream of playing and recording drums at home!

Understanding the concern for a drumming experience that caters for both low-noise and authenticity with regards to playability, Fame have met the demand with their fully developed mesh-head technology on the DD-6500. The synthetic mesh heads bear a wide range of advantages that are not apparent with rubber pads and have led to the growing interest in mesh-head electronic drum kits.

Supported with a chrome rack, the kit remains perfectly stable and offers plentiful possibilities for personalised setups.

The Fame DD-6500 cymbal pads include a set of hi-hats and two cymbal pads that feature elastic rubberized coatings that genuinely simulate the rebound characteristics of real cymbals. Equipped with two zones on each cymbal as well as the famous Choke function, the cymbals have the true functionality of real cymbals allowing you to cater for all genres. Open and closed hi-hat sounds are completed with the included controller pedal and the Fame bass-drum-pedal assures absolute movement and sensitivity when mounted to the kick drum.

The Fame DD-6500 allows for extensive customisation with the 400 sounds provided by the sound module, alongside the ability to allocate two different sounds to each pad with the use of the two trigger zones, situated at the centre and edge which conduct the velocity sensitive signal. Both the position and energy of each hit acutely dominates the sound voicing of each drum and you can further adjust the sound to suite your personalised preference with the use of the tuning function on each pad.

With 29 pre-programmed kits immediately available at the switch of a button, you can also establish up to 16 new kits with the use of the 400 sounds that include drums, percussion and effects stored in the Fame DD-6500 module.

The DD-6500 implements great features to allow you improve your drumming with the use of the practice function that provides a timing control with the metronome and play-a-longs. If you wish, you can connect the DD-6500 to a computer with the use of the MIDI, output or USB ports to allow for recording functionality. Two extra inputs allow for kit expansion with either tom or cymbal pads.


The Fame DD6500 E-Drum Set’s main features include:

  • DD-6500 Sound module 
  • Quiet and authentic playability
  • All Pads with Mesh Head Technology
  • Snare pad 10" (x1)
  • Tom pad 8" (x3)
  • Kick pad 8" (x1)
  • Crash- Cymbal pad 12" (x2)
  • Hi-Hat Pad 10" (x1)
  • Hi-Hat Control Pedal (x1)
  • Chrome drum rack incl. all holder arms and clamps
  • pedal (x1) 
  • power adapter(x1)  
  • USB and MIDI out for computer connection
  • 2 trigger points on each pad
  • 2 trigger points on each cymbal and choke function

Fame DD-6500 Electronic Drum Kit (code 208077)
5-Piece Electronic Drum Kit, Full Mesh Heads, 3 Electronic Cymbals with Chock Function
£349.00 (ex vat)

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