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Nuvo NSF1 Student Flute Black

£137.50 (ex vat)

code 217252

available at short notice

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Nuvo NSF1 Student Flute Black

NSF1 Student Flute Black


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Nuvo NSF1 Student Flute Black description:

The Nuvo NSF1 Student Flute Black is a black student flute, with a straight headjoint, an Offset G, a removable lip plate, and includes a case and accessories. Nuvo Flutes have a beautiful tone and many practical features that make them ideal for beginners of all ages. The locked crown prevents accidental removal while still allowing adjustment of the plug by a technician if necessary. Unlike a traditional plug, the Nuvo head joint allows the plug assembly to be driven out by applying pressure directly onto the plug face. This makes for quick and easy cleaning and adjustment if necessary. The lip plate can be easily removed using the provided tool as shown. Alternative lip plates will be available to suit different playing styles. The standard lip plate provided with each instrument is easy-blowing and provides for good volume and tone control.

The Firstnote snap-on lip plate is provided as an option with every instrument. It has a recorder-like mouthpiece that enables beginners to play notes and simple tunes right from the very first lesson. This is very encouraging and enables the student to concentrate on fingering and good posture before focussing on the more difficult challenge of mastering embouchure with the standard lip plate. The straight head joint is standard with an option to purchase a curved head joint. Both use an o-ring sealing system which gives a 100% reliable seal with no possibility to damage the tenon during assembly. Both head joints have a parabolic internal taper which gives good projection and stability between octaves.

The straight head joint has radial setting marks which can be used to help the student to set-up consistently in a way that suits the individual player. The body and key work of the flute are made from advanced polymer resins which means that the flute is lightweight, durable and 100% waterproof. Perfect for school programmes and beginners of all ages. Two silicone pads positioned for the left hand index finger and the right thumb provide a comfortable and secure location for the support points. This prevents slipping and helps the student to maintain good posture while practicing.

The thumb key acts directly onto the Bb key which reduces friction and gives a more direct response. It has an easy action and can be played either by rolling or sliding the thumb. Key extensions for the left hand middle, ring and pinky fingers provide for more comfort and control particularly for younger players. They can be easily removed and replaced with the standard key caps which are provided with each flute. There are 7 stainless steel adjusting screws which enable you to make small adjustments to the set up. There is a tool included with each Nuvo flute but we advise that any adjustments be done by a flute technician or experienced teacher or player.

The silicone pads have a tiny air gap behind the contact point which allows them to self-adjust to take up any small variations that may arise. This means that the instrument will not go out of adjustment even in extreme use situations such as school programmes. The pads are also 100% waterproof so you can wash the instrument or play in the rain!

The silver coloured key caps can be removed with the special tool included. This enables the attachment of key extensions for the left hand middle, ring and pinky keys. It also enables the student to personalise their flute with coloured key caps. These can be positioned to guide the fingers to the correct touch keys and colour coding can be used for teaching aids. All rods are made from high grade stainless steel which provides good stability and low friction key action. Unlike traditional metal flutes, the C foot joint carries only the C and C# keys while the D# or right hand pinky key is positioned on the main body. This means that students can practise without the C foot until they are ready. The C foot is quickly and easily attached with a twist to lock it securely in position.

The main features of the Nuvo NSF1 Student Flute Black include:

  • Straight head joint     
  • C foot joint
  • Offset G
  • Weight 255g
  • Main body plays down to D  
  • Left index finger and right thumb comfort pads
  • Detachable left hand key extensions
  • Standard easy blow lip plate
  • Removable lip plate system   
  • Firstnote lip plate
  • Locked but adjustable plug and crown         
  • 100% waterproof
  • O-ring seal on head joint tenon          
  • Bayonet fit foot joint
  • Removable silver coloured key caps  
  • Silicone rubber self-sealing pads
  • Stainless steel rods     
  • Stainless steel hex head adjusting screws
  • Cleaning stick and pull through cloth            
  • O-ring grease and instruction leaflet
  • Semi-hard case with carry strap
  • Pouch for optional curved head joint
  • Tool kit
  • Colour: Black

Nuvo NSF1 Student Flute Black (code 217252)
Student Flute, Straight Headjoint, Offset G, Removable Lip Plate, Includes Case And Accessories, Black
£137.50 (ex vat)

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