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Rhodes Mark 7 A-Series 73 Electric Piano: the return of a legend.

The Rhodes Mark 7 is a real electro-mechanical piano retaining all the classic features of the original legendary instruments while moving the brand into the 21st Century.

The Rhodes Mark 7 A-Series Electric Piano features active electronics: a 3-band EQ and a built-in tremolo system, based on silicon germanium technology. The frame and keybed is made of real wood, with full lenght wooden piano keys. The action of the keybed has been perfected to an extremely responsible level, satisfying even the most demanding professional players.

The improved tine mechanism builds on the original idea of an asymmetrical tuning fork - a tine struck by a hammer acting as one side of the tuning fork, and a counterbalancing resonating tone bar above the tine.

The design of the cabinet enables the user to easily align the pianos to stands, improving stability. A lid locking system is installed, preventing unauthorized access. To prevent moisture build-up within the case, a ventillation system allows the wood to breathe and the air to pass through.

Rhodes Mark 7 A-Series 73 features include:

  • Real electro mechanical Piano
  • Unbeatable classic sound
  • Headphone out
  • Built-in active electronics
  • Circuitry is prototypical “silicon germanium” technology
  • FET pre-amp with 3-band active EQ
  • High-slew, low-noise technology
  • Treble 10Khz, Bass 100hz, Mid-range sweeps 100hz to 8Khz
  • Boost & cut 15 db
  • Tremolo: Stereo vibrato circuit, triangle-wave based
  • Variable speed & depth
  • Wider sweep range than any previous Rhodes
  • Size: 1168 X 210 X 584 mm
  • Weight: 39kg

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