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Korg KDM-2 Digital Metronome

£37.50 (ex vat)

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Korg KDM-2 Digital Metronome

KDM-2 Digital Metronome


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Korg KDM-2 Digital Metronome description:

Korg KDM2 is a Digital Metronome with a cylindrical resonator speaker, providing powerful sound.

Even loud instruments won’t overpower the Korg KDM2. It gives you a choice of 3 different PCM sounds (cowbell/agogo/clave) for the beat, so you can choose the sound that compliments the instrument you're playing. The volume can also be adjusted to the most appropriate level. Since there's a PHONE jack, you can connect a mini-plug (1/8") earphone for private practice.

From basic beats to variations like son clave and rumba clave, the KDM-2 contains a total of 19 beat patterns. You can set the tempo in any of three ways.

Sound Out mode outputs a reference tone that you can use as a tuning guide. You can listen to any of the twelve pitches from C4 - B4. You can also adjust the A4 frequency (calibration) in a broad range from 410 Hz to 480 Hz.

The KDM-2 provides a memory backup function that remembers the specified tempo, beat, calibration, and reference pitch even when the power is turned off.

Korg KDM2 main features include:

  • Cylindrical resonator speaker provides powerful sound
  • An LED provides visual confirmation of the tempo
  • Newly added beat variations range from basic to sophisticated rhythms like son clave and rumba clave
  • A total of 19 beat patterns cover your practicing needs in numerous musical styles.
  • Tap Tempo function makes it easy to set the tempo.
  • An audible Reference tone in a range of C4?B4 is available, allowing you to tune your instrument.
  • An encoder-type TEMPO/CALIB dial and switch provide direct access to the desired setting or function.
  • A large LCD screen makes settings easy to see
  • Long battery life, with approximately 120 hours of continuous use

Korg KDM-2 Digital Metronome (code 59809)
Digital Metronome, Cylindrical Resonator Speaker, 19 Beat Patterns, Tap Tempo Function, Large LCD Screen
£37.50 (ex vat)

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