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AKG K612 PRO Studio Headphones

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K612 PRO Studio Headphones description:

The AKG K612 PRO Studio Headphones are professional grade open-back studio headphones that provide a solid all-round experience throughout a wide dynamic range.

The K612 PRO headphones are built with comfort in mind, allowing users to wear them for long periods of time without causing any physical fatigue, as well as listening fatigue. The wide response of 12Hz to 39.5kHz will be more than enough for any producer, musician or listener. The K612 PRO makes use of the patented AKG Varimotion Membrane Technology which improves the overall sound, guaranteeing professional results.

The AKG K612 PRO Studio Headphones features include:

  • Open-back studio headphones
  • Frequency response of 12Hz – 39.5kHz
  • 101dB SPL
  • Max input power is 200mW
  • 120 Ohms impedance
  • Velour ear-pads
  • Cable not detachable
  • 3m cable length

Manufacturer: AKG

This page first created on: 01/10/2013

Customer Reviews

Expertise/Experience: 40 years with headphones
Music Style: Trained classically at RCM but performed as rock player.
Crockham Hill GB

The K612 is an excellent headphone in that the bass isn't overstated and the top end is extended but warm. They are one of the most 'open' sounding headphones that I've heard. Coming from the K601, there isn't a huge amount of difference and whether it's worth changing is dubious. It's very close to the original to be honest and remains an excellent buy. DV247 are selling this at a briliant price with free delivery and so this is a bargain headphone for the quality that you get and the speed of service that DV247 give.

This customer purchased the product in April 2014

Expertise/Experience: Broadcast
Music Style: Many and varied
Glasgow, Scotland GB

Great Headphones! I work in broadcasting and have been using cans for various purposes for what seems like forever. so yes, I do have some experience.

Light and comfortable to wear. The self adjusting headband saves a lot of fiddling about too.

I bought these for listening to music at home and so far am very pleased. They sounded good straight out of the box, perhaps a little thin, but even after an hour there is a bit more warmth coming through. Clear, clean, open and transparent sound, every detail can be heard, voices and instruments nicely separated. Speech and vocals are reproduced in a natural and realistic way. Bass is all about quality, very clear and naturally realistic rather than just an ill defined series of thumps.

Started listening last night after leaving them for a few hours to burn in a bit and just wanted to keep on listening, there is no listening fatigue here. Probably the best all round headphones I have ever listened to. And being so neutral they are well suited all types of music, speech and movie soundtracks too.

Highly recommended!

This customer purchased the product in February 2014


A lightweight and very comfortable headphone which can be worn for hours with no irritation,
however these headphones are renowned for being very picky in terms of the dac/amp they are partnered with which apparently can change the users experience quite drastically.

With my current set-up they have a very dry and brittle sound to them, the grainy, strained texture to the sound signature of these headphones which varies from irritating, to unbearable depending on the music I am playing through them.

I have ran these headphones through a micro hifi amp, also a portable headphone amp but are still having the same issues, my recommendation to anyone thinking of buying these is to try and find somewhere were you can listen to these first (which I know isn't always possible and in my case there were none in stock for me to trial).

The reason I bought them was because of all the great reviews that they got and that they were advertised as having a 30 day money back guarantee, however it is not clearly stated that the 30 day money back guarantee apparently does NOT include headphones.

So once again, do try and trial them BEFORE committing to your purchase as these headphones are not for everyone.

This customer purchased the product in August 2015

Music Style: Dance Chillout and Acoustic
London GB

1. Sound quality is incredible. I can hear the full frequency range which allows me to fine tune individual tracks and EQ. The low end clarity is sublime. This helps you pick out all the flaws in your work and correct them.
2. Great value given the price.
3. Very comfortable for long periods.
4. So good I have just bought a second pair!

This customer purchased the product in July 2014