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Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro (250) Studio Headphones

Code: 36309    Manufacturer Part No: 459046   
Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro (250) Studio Headphones Image

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DT 770 Pro (250) Studio Headphones description:

The Beyerdynamic DT770 Headphones 250 Ohm are closed back dynamic studio headphones of the highest quality and a firm favourite for those looking for an accurate reference headphone with an excellent bass response. The circumaural design with velour cushions and adjustable headband makes the DT-770 headphones really comfortable, even over prolonged periods. The DT770 250Ohm version is designed for the studio, delivering a higher impedance and a slightly more accurate response than the 80Ohm versions. The higher impedance also means you can safely use multiple headsets from the same source.

The two most common complaints when mixing using closed back headphones are that they are uncomfortable and don't produce enough bass, leaving mixes overly compensated (see the FAQ further down for the reasons why). The answer to first problem is to buy open back headphones, but they are no good for recording purposes and may not solve the second issue of bass response. Fortunately, the DT770 Pro tackle both these problems, delivering an impressive nominal frequency response of 5Hz-35kHz using their innovative bass reflex system with a very large cup and velour cushions that let air through but not sound, thus reducing pressure.

If you require headphones for front of house, drum monitoring or for extremely loud environments then click here to view the montoring version.

If you want to use your headphones with a phone or mp3 player then click here.

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Bayerdynamic DT770 Pro features and specifications:

  • Soft inner headband
  • Adjustable and robust steel headband
  • Velour earpads
  • 3m coiled cable with single sided connection
  • Transducer Type: Dynamic
  • Operating principle: Closed Back
  • Nominal Frequency Response: 5Hz to 35,000Hz
  • Nominal Impedance: 250Ohm
  • Nominal Sound Pressure Level: 96dB
  • Nominal Total Harmonic Distortion: <0.2%
  • Power Handling Capacity: 100mW
  • Ambient Noise Isolation: Approx. 18dB(A)
  • Connector: 1/8” (3.5mm) – 1/4” adaptor is supplied
  • Weight (without cable(: 270g


Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro FAQ:


Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro 80 vs 250

The different impedances are used for different situations and brought about by a different coil design. The higher impedance headphones use a thinner wire and have a more lightweight design. The lesser weight allows a better movement resulting in a slightly better quality signal. The lower impedance is brought about by a thicker wire which lets more signal through, hence a lower impedance, but the additional weight means the diaphragm doesn't move so accurately.

Which headphones should I buy; 80 Ohm or 250 Ohm?

A pair of 80Ohm headphones are louder and require less power, which is great for mobile or front of house applications where the deficiency in sound quality would not be noticed. A pair of 250Ohm headphones would be more accurate but quieter – which is no problem in a quiet studio with a powerful headphone preamp which you can find on mixers or mains driven audio interfaces.

Should I buy open or closed back headphones?

Closed headphones are primarily designed to keep sound in, so that musicians can listen to audio through the headphones whilst recording using a very sensitive microphone. Any bleed from the headphone would be recorded, so the less audio that escapes, the better. The design also has the reverse effect of blocking outside sound out, making them ideal for use in public or other noisy spaces. The downside is that in order to minimise bleed they need to effectively seal the cup to your ear which means air can't get in or out and the movement of the diaphragm can feel like it is sucking your ear-drum. The second problem is that the materials used to block help limit the amount of audio getting in or out of the cups, also absorb audio being produced by the headphone, especially low end frequencies, thus losing bass response. Therefore, open back are preferable for mixing and prolonged use, the ambient noise that you can hear clearly makes it feel and sound far more natural. Ideally, if you want to mix and record then you should by both open and closed back.

What is a circumaural design?

Circumaural is a term used to describe an ear cup that completely surrounds the ear so that the whole of your ear, pinna included, is contained within the cup.

MPN: 459046

Manufacturer: Beyerdynamic

This page first created on: 25/07/2007

Customer Reviews

Expertise/Experience: Bedroom producer/Music Lover
Plymouth GB

Pros: +
The sound is second to none.

Cons: -
customer did not leave any comment here

This customer purchased the product in February 2013

Expertise/Experience: Often on the move
london GB

Pros: +
Solid headphones

Cons: -
just not feeling them like others I have owned previously.

This customer purchased the product in June 2012

Expertise/Experience: Producer
london GB

Pros: +
These are really comfortable headphones, which amazing sound quality. I can use them for hours and not get sore or tired ears.

Cons: -
very happy with this product, slight gripe mine came with the curly lead which i find gets in teh way sometimes when i am tracking guitar.

This customer purchased the product in June 2012

Expertise/Experience: radio presenter
Music Style: all styles
scotland GB

i use these headphones alot, so comfort is a must, the sound quality must be good and these fit the bill, the price was just perfect i highly recomend these headphones,and a fast delivery aswell,

thanks again dv247,


This customer purchased the product in March 2015

Expertise/Experience: Broadcaster
London GB

Pros: +
Industry leading broadcast headphones. More comfortable than DT100's.

Cons: -
For the money they could do with supplying them with a carry case. I purchased one separately.

This customer purchased the product in May 2012

Expertise/Experience: Audiophile
London GB

Pros: +
Very comfortable and ideal for listening over long durations of time.Good low end bass.

Cons: -
Mid frequency range is lacking quite a lot.

This customer purchased the product in February 2013


customer did not leave any comment here

This customer purchased the product in October 2012


Good sound insulation. Mostly flat frequency response. Good for monitoring and mixing. There are better headphones I am sure but not at this price point. Good build quality and excellent value.

This customer purchased the product in January 2014

Expertise/Experience: Music Producer
London GB

Pros: +
Great headphones - top sound. Always check my mixes on these.

Cons: -
Velvet gets a bit manky.... you can get replacements but they are pricey.Best to get vinyl covers for studio use.

This customer purchased the product in April 2012

Expertise/Experience: Audio production & live
Stevenage GB

Pros: +
Comfortable, good isolation.

Cons: -
A bit cumbersome for quick one ear listening.

This customer purchased the product in April 2012


customer did not leave any comment here

This customer purchased the product in April 2013

Expertise/Experience: Semi-professional
Music Style: Electronic
Northumberland GB

The DT770s were the second pair of beyerdynamic headphones I tried after trying the more expensive DT880 Pro's, and I'm very happy with them.

I was looking for a pair of all rounder headphones for my productions, instead of using my KRK Rokit near fields monitors.

I needed something that had good definition in the mids and highs and had some bite in the low end as I make electronic music, and the DT770 didn't disappoint. Great build quality, comfortable over long periods etc etc. I haven't tried every headphone out there, but for the price I can't see them being beaten.

If you go for the 250ohm version (best for studio work) I would recommend a headphone amp.

This customer purchased the product in July 2014

Music Style: Voiceover

Clean, clear & comfortable. Using them in the booth and for editing vo audio. I don't monitor too loud and there's no bleed. Glad I bought them.

This customer purchased the product in February 2017


The last pair of these that I bought was over 8 years ago! And they lasted that long.
Awesome quality low end.
Excellent all-round clarity.
So, so cosy and comfy - I have worn them for hours and hours.

I don't think I'll choose any other headphones ever again!

This customer purchased the product in January 2014