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Yellowtec iXm Premium

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Yellowtec iXm Premium
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iXm Premium description:

The iXm Premium from Yellowtec is a high-quality hand-held microphone, which features am integrated digital recorder which is perfect for interviews. The control processor 'LEA' guarantees the optimum level without clipping artefacts or AGC pumping. The innovative Twist-Off-Twist-On (TOTO) interchangeable mic heads give the options needed to adapt to the recording environment. Whether you require a cardioid, super-cardioid or omnidirectional pickup pattern, you can shift between them on the spot.

The iXm Premium features a unique dual-power supply that totals to an operational time of 16 hours. The built-in rechargeable lithium-ion and a battery compartment for three standard AA cells provide all the power you need. Recorded material is saved to an SD and SDHC card. Never miss the beginning of a conversation with the adjustable 'pre-roll' recording buffer with up to 30 seconds.

The main features of the iXm Premium include:

  • High-quality hand-held microphone with integrated digital recorder
  • Optimum level without AGC pumping or clipping artifacts
  • Interchangeable heads (omni, cardioid, supercardioid) at two quality levels (Pro Head, Premium Head)
  • Stamina system with a lithium-ion battery and three AA cells
  • Total operation time of up to 16 hrs
  • Uses SDHC cards with up to 32GB
  • 30 sec 'pre-roll' feature
  • Included microphone head: Beyerdynamic Premium Head cardioid

Manufacturer: Yellowtec

This page first created on: 17/11/2014

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