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Akai EIE I/O USB Audio Interface

Code: 82701    Manufacturer Part No: EIE I/O   
Akai EIE I/O USB Audio Interface
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EIE I/O USB Audio Interface description:

The AKAI EIE Audio Interface brings control of your mixes and recordings back to your fingertips in a beautifully designed desktop unit. The AKAI Electromusic Interface Expander is more than an audio interface, it is a music production hub, offering all the connectivity you need to create music on a computer. With no software drivers required, a simple USB 1.1 connection and Mac and Windows compatibility, the EIE I/O is compatible with virtually and laptop or PC.

In a refreshing break from current design trends, the AKAI EIE is flamboyantly finished with chrome toggle-switches, classy classic VU meters, long protruding and easy to grip volume knobs, 4 combo-ports with phantom power, switchable mic/line or guitar input and a large red brushed metal front panel. The EIE is built to sit on your desktop and take centre stage. It is without doubt the most elegant audio interface on the market.

The EIE I/O can record and playback 2 channels simultaneously at CD quality (16bit word-length and a sampling rate of 44.1KHz). However, it's real strength is the audio routing options it provides, which far exceed any other device in this price bracket. Each input channel has an insert point, something that is rarely seen these days, which allows you to route the audio directly out to another device, such as a compressor or FX Unit, and back again using a single “Y” cable (insert lead). The four outputs on the AKAI EIE allows the connection of two pairs of speakers, and a simple switch on the front panel allows you to select output 1&2, 3&4, or All, allowing you to quickly cross-reference your mixes between different speakers.

Additional connectivity comes in the form of three USB ports, a MIDI in and MIDI out port. These ports allow for peripherals such as controller keyboards, control surfaces, dongles and USB drives and come in particularly useful when your computer is lacking on-board ports.

The Electromusic Interface Expander is a wonderful synergy of classic and modern technology, designed brilliantly to give people the connectivity they need with maximum compatibility and minimal prerequisites. The USB 1.1 connection and simple 2in and 2out recording ability would normally be quite restrictive. But, the AKAI EIE provides the routing options you need from inside the box, just like a mixer, so connecting two sets of speakers or a variety of effects units is still very much possible.

If you like the look and sound of the EIE but need a to record 4 inputs simultaneously or want higher audio recording resolution, then click here to see the AKAI EIE PRO which offers exactly this.

If the AKAI EIE simply doesn't fit the bill, then click here to look at our full range of audio interfaces.

AKAI EIE Audio Interface features and dimensions:

  • 44.1kHz sampling rate and 16bit resolution
  • USB1.1 device, compatible with all Windows and MAC systems
  • 2in / 2out - simultaneous playback and record
  • 4 discrete combo-ports accepting XLR male or 1/4” jack input
  • Mic/Line or Guitar input selector and 48v phantom power on each channnel
  • Independent gain control on all inputs
  • 4 Insert points for inserting outboard FX units or for direct output
  • 4 nickel plated 1/4” jack outputs for separate monitor systems
  • Headphone output and output select switch
  • Two classic VU meters with input/output selector
  • 5-pin DIN MIDI I/O
  • 3 USB ports for connecting additional devices
  • No driver installation required, optional ASIO drivers are available
  • AKAI EIE Dimensions (HxWxD): 132mm x 322mm x 215mm
  • Weight: 2.5Kg


Manufacturer: Akai

This page first created on: 12/01/2011

Customer Reviews


I didn't actually read the full description before buying it but it fit all my requirements so that's great !
You've got a lot of control over your inputs and outputs. You can manage different volume for headphones, monitor , master output.
VU meters are cool ! Flash red when you clip !

I didn't test everything yet but this audio interface is perfect.
4 inputs is quite handy. No need to plug, unplug all the time.
I guess you can play all inputs at the same time.
Didn't even need to install the drivers on my computers. Plug and play !

This customer purchased the product in August 2014

Expertise/Experience: Gigging christian guitarist
Northallerton GB

Pros: +
No driver installation - completely plug 'n play.Works immediately with asio4all drivers.Sturdily made of metal so it'll withstand the rigours of gigging.

Cons: -
For what I needed it's perfect.

This customer purchased the product in August 2012


This is a fantastic Audio Interface for the price bracket, the retro look really adds some style to your studio or home setup.

There are ample inputs and outputs for the home studio and enough control over them to make this product powerful enough for professional users.

The VU meters light up so that they can be seen in dimly lit studios and even turn red when the inputs outputs are about to get clipped, which is a great little feature.

My only gripe is that it came with a 2 pin (none British) plug and no converter included in the box which meant a dash to my local shop to get one.

This customer purchased the product in December 2014