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MIDI MERGE 4 description:

The MIDI Merge 4, merges the data from up to four separate MIDI sources like master keyboards or controllers, into a single MIDI data stream which appears at both of the MIDI out sockets. Merges all MIDI data including MIDI Clock, MIDI time code and SysEx.

The MIDI Merge 4 features include:

  • 4 opto-isolated MIDI ins
  • 2 MIDI outs

Manufacturer: Kenton

This page first created on: 11/08/2014

Customer Reviews

Expertise/Experience: Master
Music Style: Klik Shokk
London GB

Very useful and great little device to get more inputs into you sequencer, synth, sampler or whatever MIDI device you have when you need more inputs. The price is again, the best at the time I bought it.

This unit is the only MIDI merger available that has 2 outputs, so very good value for money, and the people at Kenton are very friendly and good, as I asked them if they could swap the 2 pin euro adapter that it came with for a UK one, as this is supplied from Germany, and I bought it with a mixer, but was only supplied with one UK adapter for the mixer.

Now I am able to bring all the MIDI outs from my synth, FX units, and multitrack etc, back into my sequencer for recording real-time performance data, and storing patches, sending MTC, MIDI Clock, Sysex messages, without having to plug and unplug cables all the time. It just does its thing in the background, excellent. If your device has not got enough MIDI ins, you cannot go wrong with this highly useful device. -)

This customer purchased the product in February 2015