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Neuratron PhotoScore & NotateMe Ultimate

Code: 236182    Manufacturer Part No: 175450   
Neuratron PhotoScore/AudioScore/NotateMe Ultimate 8 Image


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PhotoScore & NotateMe Ultimate description:

Neuratron PhotoScore/AudioScore/NotateMe Ultimate 8 is a collection of ground-breaking audio recognition and score creation software bought together in one package. These are full versions of tools included with Avid’s Sibelius notation software, and are greatly expanded in both scope and utility. Although the files created with the Ultimate 8 collection can be used with any compatible software, they enjoy a seamless integration with Sibelius due to their extensive collaborative nature.

PhotoScore 8 now integrates NotateMe, and all actions can be carried out in the same program. This software reads printed or handwritten music, and even PDF files, in seconds. This extends to all articulations, dynamics, slurs, chord diagrams and so on. Once in the editor this music can be altered or transposed as desired and then printed or exported as a new file. PhotoScore can even play back the music for referencing purposes during the process. With NotateMe and a Microsoft surface and pen notation can be written directly onto the digital page, and this can be extended to iOS and Android devices for those wishing to move away from the computer desk. Omniscore2 recognition technology delivers 99.5% accuracy when scanning most printed/PDF scores, depending on clarity.

AudioScore 8 is the aural counterpart to PhotoScore – re-engineered advanced recognition technology powerful enough to create manuscript scores from audio and MIDI sources. AudioScore can differentiate between overlapping notes and minimises interference potentially caused by drums and percussive sounds. Pitch recognition and note separation have also been improved. Even CD and MP3 files can be analysed and transcribed into score. Music analysed in AudioScore can be sent directly to Sibelius or saved as a MusicXML, NIFF or MIDI file.

The main features of Neuratron PhotoScore/AudioScore/NotateMe Ultimate 8 include:

  • Cutting-Edge Audio/Visual Recognition and Manuscript Creation Suite
  • Versatile File Format Import/Export
  • 30% Faster Printed Music Recognition
  • Sibelius Integration & Input Style

System Requirements:

  • Windows 7 & Above
  • Mac OSX 10.6.7 & Above
  • 512MB RAM
  • 40MB Hard Disk Space

MPN: 175450

Manufacturer: Neuratron

This page first created on: 30/11/2016

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