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PreSonus Studio One 3 Professional

Code: 219689    Manufacturer Part No: S1PROV3   
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Studio One 3 Professional description:

The PreSonus Studio One 3 Professional v3 builds upon previous versions of this software with a new blazingly fast workflow, unparalleled sound quality and rock-solid stability.

It adds innovative songwriting and arranging tools, inspiring and unique sound-design capabilities, and a gorgeous new, high-dpi, multi-touch interface that is optimized to keep you engaged, even on extended sessions. 

Studio One Professional’s new Arranger Track provides rapid and intuitive song rearranging, even with large projects.  Simply drag-and-drop song sections in the Arranger track or Track Inspector, and the entire arrangement updates instantly. 

Studio One 3 Professional introduces Scratch Pads to the Song page, a powerful, yet simple new workflow innovation that will change the way you create music. Scratch Pads provide the perfect way to keep your work intact while you experiment on new ideas. Scratch Pads also are ideal for creating alternate versions of songs, ushc as radio edits and remixes, and for capturing new inspirations that you wish to save for later development.

 In version 3.0, getting the loops, effects, instruments, and presets you need is even faster with tag-based musical search. Speaking of loops—Studio One Professional includes nearly 10,000 audio loops, music loops, and one-shots to get your projects started and reinforce your arrangements.

Studio One 3 Professional introduces Extended FX Chains, a fast, powerful, and elegant way to add new dimensions to your sonic palette. With Extended FX Chains, you can route audio effects in serial, in parallel, by channel, or by frequency bands, all via drag-and-drop. Rediscover your plug-in collection as you transform any effect to multiband or to the most precise, narrow band. Combine different effects in new ways to explore uncharted territories.

Multi Instrument, as the name implies, lets you stack multiple synths and Instruments (as layers or key splits) on a single Instrument Track and record, edit, and play them like a single instrument. This opens a huge new range of possibilities for creative production and sound design.

To facilitate editing the multidimensional sounds that are made possible by Studio One 3 Professional, each Console Channel and Multi Instrument has a Macro Panel with eight knobs and switches that can be assigned to the most critical instrument or effect parameters.   These Macro Controls in turn can be assigned to your favorite MIDI controller for hands-on fun with your sounds. 

Mai Tai, Studio One’s new polyphonic analog modeling synth, gives you the ability to create monster electro and bass sounds that cleanly cut through your mix like a scalpel, inflict punishment like a jagged rusty blade, or bludgeon listeners with bass that will leave them reeling for days.

Presence XT represents the evolution of the original Presence sample-player, which has transformed into a robust, full-featured sampler. Rather than thinking of this as Presence “+ 1,” think of this more like Presence on steroids. Your old presets and song files will load, and some of the controls are the same, but that’s where the similarities end.  

Start to play, and you’ll feel difference, too, because Presence XT is equipped with articulation key-switching and powerful scripting capabilities for nuanced, lifelike sounds. Thanks to a powerful scripting engine, many instruments have custom controls for unique sound parameters. Many Guitars and Basses have adjustable fret-noise; Acoustic Piano has custom controls for sustain pedal noise; all Hammond Organ presets come with drawbar controls and switchable percussion; and Strings and Brass presets feature legato scripts, to name a few examples.

Studio One's reputation for flawless sound quality started with 64-bit audio processing and now extends to its instruments and the way they play sample content. Mai Tai and Presence XT are based on this new engine and feature the same great-sounding filters, effects, and powerful modulation matrix, with more instruments on the way.

Studio One 3 adds Note FX, a new way to bring Instrument Tracks to life. Patched in a similar fashion to audio FX, Note FX process the instrument note data, rather than the audio output signal. Note FX introduced in Version 3 include: Arpeggiator, Chorder, Repeater, and Input Filter.

Studio One 3 has a fresh and modern look that invites you to reach out and touch it.

And for the first time ever in any DAW, whether you are on Mac®OS X or Windows® 8 (with a suitable multi-touch display), you can do just that to control your mix, arrangement, effects settings, and more.

Studio One 3 gives you the flexibility to customize the look to your taste or for different work environments.  PreSonus also want users to enjoy Studio One no matter where you used it, from a small notebook to a 5K or Retina Mac or PC display, including multi-monitor setups. Studio One delivers thanks to its new high-dpi graphics, which takes advantage of a new Direct-2D graphics engine on Windows. 

Studio One boasts scores of new features and enhancements, yet manages to be even faster and easier to use. As much thought went into what features to add as how to add them so that Studio One could stay true to our developers’ original vision of a “bloat free” music-making experience. 

The main features of the PreSonus Studio One 3 Professional v3 include:

  • Creative Music Production Software
  • 64 bit Audio processing Resolution
  • Presence XT Library 14GB
  • New, multi-touch enabled, user customizable, high-dpi Interface
  • New browser with Musical Search and online Cloud content
  • Mai Tai polyphonic analog modeling Synth
  • Presence XT sampler with essential sound library
  • Input Filter Note FX
  • Rotor audio effect
  • BitCrusher audio effect
  • Mixer improvements, including track/console sync
  • Automation curves
  • Smart, user-definable Alternate tool
  • Audio Bend updated with élastiquePRO 3 time stretch and pitch manipulation
  • Step recording for easy beat and track programming, even of complex parts
  • Dynamic, context-sensitive documentation, help, and tool-tips.
  • SoundCloud import/export and control panel in Start Page


Manufacturer: PreSonus

This page first created on: 26/05/2015

Customer Reviews


After over ten years with Cubase and increased crashes, losing bridge connections and trying countless ways of increasing workflow with controllers, key commands etc I have packed up my projects and crossed the tracks to Presonus Studio One V3 Pro. I don't know whether it's the drag and drop, one window interface, browser, stability, functions....the whole thing is a pleasure to work with. If I was producing dance/electonic music I might have gone for Ableton but for band/live recording this DAW fulfils all my requirements and just seems more fun to use. I have a new found enthusiasm for making music. Love it.

This customer purchased the product in September 2016


I tried out the trail version first I was impressed so I purchased this Studio One Pro V3
Well since I had it I have already got to work composing tracks.
There are no subscription charges here.
It is German Quality.
This is an awesome DAW you need to try it to believe how good this really is.
I would defiantly recommend this.
The price at DV247 is the cheapest price around.
They delivered within 2 days of me placing my order.
Thanks to ya all.

This customer purchased the product in October 2016