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Behringer ULTRA-DI DI20 2 Channel DI/Splitter Box

Code: 4662    Manufacturer Part No: 000-176   
Behringer ULTRA-DI DI20 2 Channel DI/Splitter Box

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ULTRA-DI DI20 2 Channel DI/Splitter Box description:

The ULTRA-DI DI20 is an innovative active 2-channel DI-box/splitter that takes the signal directly from an unbalanced high-impedance outputlike an electric guitarand feeds it directly into a mixing console or recorder. It is ideally suited to augment the travelling gear of musicians (especially guitar/bass players) as well as live/studio/broadcast engineers, installation contractors and studios/live event engineers. The DI20 converts 2 separate unbalanced 1/4" jack inputs into 2 balanced XLR outputs. There is a 2-channel/link mode for flexible usage as mono, 2-channel or splitter box. In link mode, channel 1 can be split up into 2 balanced XLR connectors plus 1 unbalanced 1/4" jack connector. Switchable input attenuation in 3 ranges allows input levels of up to +48 dBu, while a ground lift switch eliminates typical ground loop problems. It operates either by using a 9 V battery or by using 48 V phantom power. The whole package is enclosed in an ultra compact, road-suitable and extremely rugged housing.

MPN: 000-176

Manufacturer: Behringer

This page first created on: 25/07/2007

Customer Reviews

Expertise/Experience: Guitar collector
Nottingham GB

Great value box, the second I've bought, the first one is over 10 years old and still performs fine. Very versatile and a great thing to get you out of trouble in live and recording situations

This customer purchased the product in November 2015


It is black and silver, has nice little switches and sockets to plug things in. Does what it's supposed to do!

This customer purchased the product in February 2015


I use this predominantly for tracking bass in a live situation where I need to amplify the bass as well as DI into the audio interface. Does the job nicely, great value.

This customer purchased the product in January 2016

Expertise/Experience: semi professional
Music Style: various rock

Case made of folded steel, might not stand up well to rigours of gigging, good quality connectors , compact, does what it says on the tin, very good value for money.

This customer purchased the product in October 2015

Expertise/Experience: qualified semi-professional
Music Style: places of worship
Reading GB

Pros Does what it says on the tin.
Can vastly improve the sound from a very high impedance source.

2 weaknesses if you provide phantom power to both inputs, you can see the input on channel 1 appearing on the mixing desk on both Chan 1 and Chan. 2. This does not occur if phantom power is on,y present on one of the inputs.
On a powered device such as this it would be very useful to have a + 10dB or + 20dB boost as well as the -ve pads . e.g. when taking a DI from the output of my guitar amp the level is very low. with this DI box I have to feed the newly balanced signal into a mic pre-amp to obtain sufficient level. if fed into a line only input on the mixer the resultant level is far to low for my mix. - this is far from ideal.

This customer purchased the product in April 2015


Excellent Quality, great product.

Got rid of the mains hum from a Yamaha Tx802

This customer purchased the product in October 2017