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Dynacord PowerMate 1600-3

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Dynacord PowerMate 1600-3


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PowerMate 1600-3 description:

The PowerMate 1600-3 is equipped with a professional, extremely powerful, stereo power amplifier that uses modern and highly efficient Class-D technology.

What this means is that at a nominal output of 2 x 1,000 watts RMS into 4 ohms (or 2 x 1,350 watts RMS into 2.7 ohms), comparatively little dissipation is generated within the device, and the power consumption is thereby dramatically reduced—by more than 55% compared with conventional power amplifiers! The minimal load impedance at the output is 2.7 ohms, making operation with up to three 8-ohm loudspeaker cabinets per channel, connected in parallel, possible with no problems.

The audio performance is on the highest professional level, as is shown by the PowerMate’s exemplary figures for freedom from distortion, slew rate, and freedom from intermodulation.

The overall power supply is handled by an extremely stable, microprocessor-controlled, switching power supply, bringing massive gains in terms of weight-saving over a conventional toroidal transformer. Another advantage is the automatic mains voltage switching, which makes it possible to use the PowerMate virtually anywhere in the world without reconfiguration. Voltage surge protection is also integrated, whilst a ‘soft start’ function prevents the mains fuse tripping when the device is switched on.

The PowerMate is equipped, naturally, with all the protective circuitry familiar from DYNACORD power amplifiers and satisfies even the extreme demands of hard tour use. The power amplifiers are protected against thermal overload, short-circuit, back EMF and no-load operation as well as high-frequencies or DC at the output. Both outputs, here, are supervised independently so that, should a fault occur, only the channel affected is shut down. When the device is powered up, there is a delay before the power outputs are connected, to obviate the risk of noise.

The thermal stability of the PowerMate is assured by two very quiet fans the speed of which is continuously variable. The front-to-rear airflow allows the device to be used in large or small racks; furthermore, the PowerMate is equipped with a processor-controlled thermo-limiter, so if ever the threat of overheating does arise, the clip limiter intervenes in a highly musical way, acting only upon the peaks. In this way, a total shutdown of the power amplifiers is effectively prevented, as is any obtrusive fall in the overall volume level. The PROTECT and LIMIT LEDs on the front panel indicate the current operating state of the power amplifiers.

The main features of the PowerMate 1600-3 include:

  • Powermixer with 2x 1000 watt RMS / 4 Ohm power
  • 12 MIC/LINE inputs, 4 stereo MIC/LINE inputs, 6 AUX-busses
  • 30% reduction in weight, more compact dimensions and >50% less energy consumption compared to the
  • Previous models
  • Editable effects
  • USB digital audio interface + MIDI
  • Low-noise pre-amp
  • The +48V phantom power for condenser microphones can be switched in groups of six.
  • Line input and channel insert are implemented as jack sockets
  • Gain can be controlled in the range 0-60 dB.
  • The switchable Lo Cut filter (80Hz, 18dB/oct) serves to eliminate low-frequency noise
  • A very typical DYNACORD feature is the asymmetrical Voicing Filter by means of which, if desired,
  • The voice can be powerfully emphasized in the mix.
  • 3-band semi-parametric equalizer makes it possible even for unpractised users to perform the
  • Requisite corrections swiftly and intuitively.
  • Possible to mute each input channel individually and/or listen to its pre-fader signal
  • Signal Present and Peak LED for level control
  • Channel fader is dust-protected and offer not only excellent crosstalk attenuation
  • All potentiometers and faders are high-quality components from ALPS.
  • 2 of the 4 stereo inputs of each model are additionally equipped with cinch (RCA) sockets switched
  • In parallel for CD or MP3 players.
  • 2 other stereo inputs receive in addition the four channels of the digital audio interface USB 1-2
  • and USB 3-4
  • Separate gain controls are provided for the stereo Line and Mic inputs to permit them to be used in
  • Parallel if desired.
  • 3-band tone controls are provided and a Balance control replaces the PAN control found in the mono
  • Channel strips.
  • 11-band stereo EQ can be routed to the Master channels or else to either or both of the Monitor
  • Sends according to choice.
  • 4-pin XLR socket is provided for the connection of a standard 12V/5W gooseneck lamp.
  • USB 2.0 port serves as a digital audio interface between the PowerMate and a PC or Mac.
  • The PowerMate also offers a fully-featured PC MIDI
  • 2 integrated stereo multieffects processors that work independently of one another, each offering
  • 100 effects algorithms optimized for live performance, the most important parameters of which are
  • Editable.
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 663,5 x 164,5 x 571,5 (with cover)
  • Weight: 15 kg, with cover 17 kg

Manufacturer: Dynacord

This page first created on: 28/08/2014

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