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Kenton MIDI Retrofit Kit

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Kenton MIDI Retrofit Kit


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MIDI Retrofit Kit description:

The Kenton MIDI Retrofit kit is an engineers kit for enabling the Linn LN-1 drum machine to communicate with other devices via MIDI.

Manufactured between 1979 and 1983, the LN-1 was the forerunner to the LinnDrum and the first drum machine to use samples of acoustic drums rather than the analogue circuitry that characterised the Roland TR808 and CR-78 CompuRhythm. The conversion – which is for later versions of the LM-1, which have the volume control top centre – provides Midi In, Out and Thru sockets and a pushbutton (for programming the Midi set-up. Set-ups are stored in non-volatile memory.

The main features of the Kenton MIDI Retrofit Kit include:

  • For incoming Midi:
    • Any Midi channel can be selected (defaults to Channel10) Sounds
    • Any sound can be mapped to any Midi note number (defaults 36-46)
    • Velocity control of note volume (2 levels) for Bass, Snare, Hihat, Tamb & Cabasa with all other sounds having 1 level (as on the LM-1 itself)
    • Midi clock/stop/start
  • For outgoing Midi:
    • Any Midi channel can be selected (default 10)
    • Sounds generate Midi notes according to the mapping table (defaults 36-46)
    • Notes generated are given velocity 64 or 127 for low and high volume notes respectively
    • Midi clock/stop/start

Manufacturer: Kenton

This page first created on: 12/09/2014

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