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Palmer DACCAPO Guitar Re-Amping Box

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Palmer DACCAPO Guitar Re-Amping Box

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DACCAPO Guitar Re-Amping Box description:

The Palmer DACCAPO Guitar Re-Amping Box is mainly used in studios; with this box you can play back a recorded clean guitar signal (or any other instrument signal) and send it to an amplifier where it is picked up by microphones and recorded again. This way the recording engineer can experiment with the sound of an instrument.  
The Daccapo eliminates ground loop humming and takes care of all impedance matching issues thanks to the use of its impedance matching circuitry. Another feature is the signal level pot that can control the level sent to the amplifier. Recording your electric guitar on two tracks in the studio, one channel with amp sound and another with a clean recorded signal is standard practise in the modern recording industry since it gives the artist the opportunity to re-amp the recording later on if not satisfied with the amp sound of the first recording; maybe the guitar sound was too distorted. Having a re-amping solution like this is a must have back up when you work in the recording studio.

The main features of the Palmer DACCAPO Guitar Re-Amping Box include:

  • Guitar/Instrument re-amping box
  • Impedance matching circuitry
  • Eliminates ground loop humming
  • Level-to-Amp adjustment pot 


Manufacturer: Palmer

This page first created on: 24/04/2015

Customer Reviews


Great box, removes DAW noise and any ground noise. Also improves tonal quality compared to not using it. Gain is excellent too, I plugged my guitar directly to the amp and then tried my whole FX chain which includes pedals and a computer, and gain level was equal if not louder with the whole thing. Solid building! Thank you!

This customer purchased the product in April 2017