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Radial JDI Passive DI Box

Code: 239315    Manufacturer Part No: R800 1010   
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JDI Passive DI Box description:

The Radial JDI Passive DI Box is a professional level DI box used by many world class musicians and studios all over the world, and is designed to carry extreme signal levels without causing distortion. Within the durable metal chassis of the JDI is a Jensen transformer, a component renowned for its transient handling and especially warm and musical output curve, reminiscent of the saturation often heard from vintage equipment. The JDI is 100% passive, and therefore requires no power to operate – the transformer works by utilising a magnetic bridge to pass the signal and reject DC voltage, another reason this DI box is so good at removing noise from the signal.

The JDI also includes a number of options to further accommodate the live and studio sound engineer. A 180° polarity reverse is often useful to reduce feedback from acoustic instruments, mainly in live situations. The ground lift option can be used to reduce excessive buzz or hum, whilst a -15dB pad can help with certain signals, such as CD players or turntables. For the handling of high output devices such as electric guitar and bass loudspeakers, the JDI has a separate secondary circuit, and stereo signals from keyboards and the like can be summed with the merge option.

DI boxes, especially in live environments, are known to take a beating on occasion, and so must be robust to stay the distance. The JDI  excels in its construction, having a 14-gauge steel I-beam inside frame, and a “book-end” chassis design which helps to protect the in/outputs as well as internal circuitry. The circuit board is so well protected that Radial have a practically non-existent repair record with the JDI. Trust the professionals; this is one of the finest DI boxes on the market.

The main features of the Radial JDI Passive DI Box include:

  • Extremely Rugged Passive DI Box
  • Jensen Transformer Reduces Noise & Provides Musical Signal Handling
  • Virtually Zero Phase & Harmonic Distortion
  • Eliminates Buzz & Hum from Ground Loops
  • Excellent Noise Rejection
  • 10Hz-40kHz Frequency Response Range
  • ¼” Jack Input & Thru Connectors
  • XLR Output
  • -15dB Pad
  • Merge Option for Left/Right Signal
  • Reverse Phase Option for Acoustic Signals
  • Ground Option to Reduce Extreme Hum
  • Speaker Option Makes the JDI Behave as a Speaker

MPN: R800 1010

Manufacturer: Radial

This page first created on: 14/03/2017

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