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Radial JDV Mk5 Active DI Box

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Radial JDV Mk5 Active DI Box


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JDV Mk5 Active DI Box description:

The Radial JDV Mk5 Active DI Box is a professional DI box that features dual switchable inputs with designated level controls, “Drag” control load correction, and a 10 meg-ohm option for maximising the tone with piezos. A balanced input with 48V phantom power has also been added to channel one.

The JDV Mk5 has every right to lay claim that it houses what is most likely to be the most ambitious set of features ever inside a DI. 

The JDV Mk5m is a 100% discrete class-A active direct box that keeps the original zero-negative feedback topology, and yet adds an incredible array of features. 

Firstly there are two inputs, each with a volume control signal presence and overload LEDs, plus a fully variable high pass filter to tame any excessive bottom end resonance. Selecting between the two inputs can be done using the front panel AB select or by adding an optional JR2 remote control. This also allows the user to mute the output to change instruments or quiet the system down between sets.

The Radial JDV Mk5 is capable of handling any type of signal, although, primarily it is intended for use with bass and acoustic instruments. This being the case, the two inputs have been optimised to handle any type of instrument be it electric or acoustic, and switching between the two sources has been made as simple as possible.

Input-A is equipped with Drag control load correction. That enables the user to sweep the input range from 10-kohms up to 1-megohms.This is particularly needed  when using bass guitar as it enables replication of the 'sound and feel' of your signal as if connected directly to the bass amplifier. The A side-access 'mic select' activates a dedicated balanced TRS mic input which allows the JDV to be used with an instrument mounted condenser microphone. This 'set & forget' switch is complimented with 48V phantom power with front panel highly visible LED indicator. A unique safety feature ensures phantom power will not be mistakenly activated which otherwise could harm a pickup if connected in the wrongly .The safety feature can be bypassed by changing the position of an internal jumper.  

Input-B is equipped with a load selector switch that toggles between 200-kohms for passive basses and 10-megohms for use with piezo transducers. Enhancing the impedance on a piezo extends the frequency response and smooths out the transient response which allows for a more natural sounding signal.

The JDV Mk5 really comes in to its own when you blend the two channels. The A side “blend” function activates both channels at the same time so it is possible to combine a magnetic pickup with a piezlo, or mix a microphone with a guitar pickup. Alignment of the two audio sources is done with the built in phaser which lets you align the two signals and allows you to manually find the “sweet spot” offering you the chance to find the sound that you are happy with within the phasing.

The back panel is also abundant in features there is a thru-put that provides a direct feed to an on-stage amplifier. This function is complimented by the side-access switch that introduces an isolation transformer into the signal path in the event that a ground loop should be encountered. There is also a dedicated tuner output to provide the user with a consistent visual even when the JDV is muted.

  Finally, the balanced XLR output is equipped with a 180° polarity reverse to either phase align the PA system with the on stage amp or help eliminate acoustic hot spots on stage that could otherwise cause feedback. To reduce stage noise, a ground lift switch eliminates hum and buzz caused by ground loops while a transformer may be inserted into the XLR signal path to provide 100% isolation. When recording, the engineer can select between direct or transformer isolated outputs or elevate the output to a fully balanced professional +4dB line level to feed a recorder without having to pass the signal through an external preamp. 

The main features of the Radial JDV Mk5 Active DI Box include:

  • Professional DI box with dual switchable inputs
  • Drag control load correction
  • 48V phantom power balanced input
  • Discrete class-A circuitry
  • Volume control signal presence
  • Overload LEDs
  • Two signal Blend function
  • Built-in phaser
  • 180 degree polarity reverse
  • Dedicated tuner output
  • Made in Canada

Manufacturer: Radial

This page first created on: 28/01/2015

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