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Rocktron Velocity 300

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Rocktron Velocity 300

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Velocity 300 description:

The Rocktron Velocity 300 provides 150 watts/channel when used in stereo applications or 300 watts mono bridged into a 8 ohm load. The Velocity 300 is perfect for any home or professional studio.

The main features of the Rocktron Velocity 300 include:

  • 115/230 VAC voltage selector switch
  • AC power detect circuit
  • Differential input buffers to eliminate ground loop hum coming from the power amp

Manufacturer: Rocktron

This page first created on: 03/09/2014

Customer Reviews


I used this with an Axe FX II XL and a stereo Engl cab.

This unit is extremely loud in bridged mono mode with an 8 ohm load. Lots of headroom.

As well as bang for buck it also delivers strong sound quality, even at high levels. A little tweak of the graphic on the Axe and I had my usual sound, but louder (I had been using a 150 watt solid state guitar head).

The Reactance and Definition controls worked well to boost the bottom and the top end respectively. I'm not saying they are bass and treble controls but they seemed to work that way.

Unfortunately I have had to send my Rocktron back to DV247 the online PDF at Rocktron clearly stated the unit weighs 3.4kg but it actually weighs 8.5kg.

I say unfortunately because I would have definitely kept this unit if it wasn't for the fact that I have to fly out to gigs a lot. This weight issue would send my overall weight to 32.2kg and airlines don't like that.

If you aren't concerned about the weight then I would say that this is a very good value alternative to Matrix amps.

This customer purchased the product in April 2015