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Boss ES-8 Guitar Effects Pedal Switching System

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Boss ES-8 Guitar Effects Pedal Switching System


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ES-8 Guitar Effects Pedal Switching System description:

The Boss ES-8 Guitar Effects Pedal Switching System is an advanced, 8-loop programmable control centre for effect pedal switching, routing and control. It has flexible routing, transparent sound and programmable switching which enables the user to instantly recall any combination of effects pedals with the single push of a button.

Want to call up your favourite shoegazing 4 second reverb with an added 3 second delay to boot? How about adding some dark chorus into the mix? Fancy taking out your dry signal completely by using the 100% wet/dry mix button on your verbzilla (or other pedal with a 100% wet/dry mix), leaving you with an immense and colourful wall of sound which is instantly switchable into a high gain solo crunch? Well the Boss ES-8 is for you.

Firstly, there are no sounds inside the Boss ES-8. This is simply a switching and routing system to use alongside your already flavoursome pedalboard. The user will employ the send/returns on the rear on the unit to connect the individual pedals singularly, and will then have the option of routing them together with each other in any combination they can dream of. They can then be routed into a bank and then saved that as a preset. For example if you wanted to save bank A as your Reverb pedal and Chorus pedal combined then do so, then instantly switch between that sound and into a preset in bank B – perhaps a high gained distortion for an instant transition into a lead solo. – Without the tap dancing show that such a transition would usually require.

And it is this removal of the “tap dance” show that so many pedalboard guitarists will be all too familiar with, where the Boss ES-* really comes into its own and shows its true worth. Gone are the days of dancing around the stage like a cat on a hot tin roof just to change your guitar sounds (unless that’s the look you go for) and say hello to the future of effects routing and switching – simple, dignified and cool!

There are seven different send and returns for your pedals at the back of the ES-8 and each of these loops can be routed in whatever way you prefer. Store upto seven different sounds in one bank (song). Have the intro sound stored in loop (A), switch in a tremolo for the verse (b) and crank in a high gain distortion for the chorus (C) and still have four left over preset loops in that one bank for you to play with as you like… perhaps link in a wah wah over the high gain for your solo part… The possibilities with this kind of switching and routing of effect pedals are almost endless. So link in your pedals, find your perfect combination of sounds within those pedals, save as a preset and away you go.

The audio path within the ES-8 has been kept clear and pure top preserve as much tone and original signal as possible, whilst the switches are robust and reliable for peace of mind on stage and through transit.

In short, the Boss ES-8 will satisfy even the most demanding of players, offering an advanced, centralised tool with a wealth of functionality and attention to detail within the often-requested functionalities, and promises to become the new main frame of your guitar sound centre for years to come.

The main features of the Boss ES-8 Guitar Effects Pedal Switching System include:

  • Instant switch capabilities between any combinations of out-board pedals
  • Save presets for a whole song into one solitary bank
  • 7 effects send/return loops
  • Pure signal transfer
  • Clear and transparent audio path
  • Robust, reliable design and build

Manufacturer: Boss

This page first created on: 03/02/2015

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