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4ms DSD Dual Looping Delay Module

Code: 228058    Manufacturer Part No: DLD   
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DSD Dual Looping Delay Module description:

The 4ms Dual Looping Delay Eurorack Module is a Eurorack module, with two independent delay/loop channels, 88 seconds per channel, and 48kHz/16-bit sampling rate. The Dual Looping Delay (DLD) is an advanced audio processor for creative synthesis. Not a tape or analog emulation but a modern crystal-clear digital delay, the DLD combines features of delay, looping, and sample-tight synchronization for powerful and dynamic sound capture and modification. The DLD is designed to integrate seamlessly with modular timebase and sequencing devices such as the 4ms Quad Clock Distributor (QCD), etc.

By default, a looping delay records and plays continuously, though recording can be suspended at any time with Infinite Repeat. Sustain of delays and loops is mainly accomplished with regeneration, allowing an organic, evolving approach to sound creation as new material replaces old, more or less gradually. The 4ms Dual Looping Delay also provides advanced clock input and output facilities that allow for locking delayed and looped material with sequencers and rhythm devices of all descriptions.

The main features of the 4ms Dual Looping Delay Eurorack Module include:

  • Two independent delay/loop channels, synchronized to a common time base
  • Maximum 88 seconds per channel (almost 3 minutes total recording time)
  • 48kHz/16-bit sampling rate
  • Normaled connections of input and output for flexible use in mono, stereo, or dual mode
  • Tap tempo button and clock Ping input
  • Delay/loop time set as a number of musical beats (or fractions of beats) using the Time knob, switch, and CV jack
  • Sample-accurate clock output
  • Loop clock outputs for each channel
  • Time switches change range of Time knob from 1/8th notes up to 32 bars
  • Digital feedback, up to 110%
  • Delay Level control, independent of dry/wet signal mix
  • Infinite Hold mode disables recording input and fixes regeneration at exactly 100%
  • Reverse mode plays memory contents backwards
  • Time knob allows for "windowing" around memory
  • Triggered toggle inputs
  • Send and Return on each channel
  • CV jacks to control Time, Level, and Feedback
  • Firmware can be updated by playing an audio file into the DLD
  • 20HP Eurorack module


Manufacturer: 4ms

This page first created on: 19/02/2016

Customer Reviews


Absolutely brilliant module, a truly 'modular' effect. Goes way beyond your standard delays.

This customer purchased the product in July 2017