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Analogue Solutions Megacity Analogue Step Sequencer

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Analogue Solutions Megacity Analogue Step Sequencer


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Megacity Analogue Step Sequencer description:

The Analogue Solutions Megacity Analogue Step Sequencer is a 64-step analogue step sequencer, featuring a standalone operation, with two CV outputs, four gate outputs, two CV quantisers, and a steel and aluminium chassis. The Megacity is a VLF 64 step true analogue sequencer, where the steps can be played in series from step 1 to 64 – series mode, or, 2 channels of 32 steps, parallel mode. The sequencer can also be split into two halves, L and R, and these halves can then be played in parallel. This then provides two channels of CV and Gate, each with their own Glide, Range, Quantise, CV and Gate controls/sockets. When in parallel mode, channel R (steps 33 to 64) can be set to play at half or a quarter of the speed of channel L.

There is a Fill-in mode, which allows channel R to act as a fill in pattern to provide bar to bar variation, typically lost with analogue sequencers, outside of basic transposition. When manually triggered via push button, or via MIDI note 03, or via an external voltage channel R will play instead of channel L. The sequencer can be clocked by an internal VC analogue clock (VCLFO) or via an external voltage (eg. External LFO). The clock speed can be changed using a control voltage. The Megacity can easily be integrated with a MIDI sequencer or DAW. It can be synchronised via a sequence of MIDI notes 00.

The main features of the Analogue Solutions Megacity Analogue Step Sequencer include:

  • True analogue step sequencers using CV pot’s not encoders
  • Analogue CV circuits
  • Massive 64 steps (series mode) or 2 x 32 steps (2 channel parallel mode)
  • 2x CV outputs with Range and Glide (Portamento)
  • 4x Gate outs (2 per channel)
  • 2x CV quantisers
  • MIDI Out
  • Jump and Reset – activate from MIDI note, Push Button and external Gate
  • Fill In and clock divide modes for variation
  • Compatible with Eurorack and most analogue synths with CV/Gate input
  • Voltage controlled clock
  • Many options for sequence control
  • Very easy MIDI sync possible using a dedicated MIDI note
  • Solid steel and aluminium construction
  • High quality sealed potentiometers, sturdy switches.
  • Unique green LED matrix style tear drop raining LEDs

Manufacturer: Analogue Solutions

This page first created on: 08/06/2016

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