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Audio Damage ADM12 Neuron FM Drum Synthesiser Module

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Audio Damage ADM12 Neuron FM Drum Synthesiser Module Image


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ADM12 Neuron FM Drum Synthesiser Module description:

The Audio Damage ADM12 Neuron FM Drum Synthesiser Module is a Eurorack drum synthesiser module, featuring a 48 kHz sample rate, a 24-bit depth, a 2-operator FM synth voice, and a USB port. Neuron is an FM-based all-in-one drum voice module suitable for all types of electronic music. From big Autechre-style FM hits to huge digital hardcore kicks to tight x0x snare drums, Neuron can make a broad range of percussion sounds with ease.

Starting with super fast envelopes internally curved for percussion sounds, a carrier wave has been added that is a single-cycle sample straight from the PCB of a 909's kick oscillator. Pure sine modulation has also been added, which enables analogue-modelled soft saturation, digital distortion, and a true random-number-generator for white noise. The result is a drum module that is both easy to use and incredibly versatile.

The main features of the Audio Damage ADM12 Neuron FM Drum Synthesiser Module include:

  • DSP-based module
  • Sample rate (depth): 48 kHz (24-bit)
  • Two-operator FM synth voice
  • Carrier waveform is a single-cycle sample of a 909 kick's main oscillator
  • Two ultra-fast percussion-curved internal envelopes
  • Soft saturation/overdrive and distortion control
  • Internal noise generator
  • Trigger input fires the internal envelopes on a 1V edge detection
  • Accent and Choke inputs allow further time-based control over the output
  • Every control has a CV input that accepts +/-5V
  • USB port (on the backplane)
  • Power draw: 50ma from the +12V rail & 9ma from the -12V rail
  • Width: 12HP
  • Depth: 25mm

Manufacturer: Audio Damage

This page first created on: 08/06/2016

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