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birdkids THE BATELEUR Voltage Controlled Oscillator

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birdkids THE BATELEUR Voltage Controlled Oscillator


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THE BATELEUR Voltage Controlled Oscillator description:

The Birdkids THE BATELEUR Voltage Controlled Oscillator has a discrete Core with a dedicated, self-oscillating 4-pole Filter. With tonal capabilities of 100% analog and voltage controlled circuitry, the Bateleur is less noisy and less susceptible to temperature drift than its predecessors. The VCO’s output is harmonically rich to the human ear with minute variations in frequency and pleasant harmonic distortion. It can be integrated into any configuration, standalone or modular fashion.

The main features of the Birdkids THE BATELEUR Voltage Controlled Oscillator include:

  • Input;1v/oct, cutoff (cv), pwm (cv), fm (cv), filter input 
  • Output; sine, triangle, saw, pulse, sub pulse, filter output
  • Toggle; filter / self-oscillation, fm / fm through-zero
  • Control; fine (+/- 7 semitones), range (5 octaves), glide, fm, cutoff, pw (variable from 0% - 100%), pwm 
  • Modular-Eurorack, 22 HE
  • Power Consumption; bipolar 100mA +12v, 80mA -12v

Manufacturer: birdkids

This page first created on: 08/05/2016

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