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Miditech PianoBox Mini General MIDI Sound Module

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Miditech PianoBox Mini General MIDI Sound Module

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PianoBox Mini General MIDI Sound Module description:

The Miditech PianoBox Mini General MIDI Sound Module is an affordable device that has all the power you'd expect from something of a higher price range. MIDI keyboards generally rely on a computer to provide its sounds. But, when connecting the PianoBox Mini to a master keyboard, you can play through the modules 128 General Midi sounds without the need of a computer.

This can come in handy in a multitude of situations the obvious being, being able to capture ideas when on the move. Controlling the device is super easy with the 3-function buttons and the DATA input rotary knob. These makes it simple to change the sound being played and adjust volume. The PianoBox Mini can be connected to a MIDI file player to improve the sound quality of your midi files.

As well as its well-tempered tone generation, the PianoBox Mini can be used as a portable power supply. The PianoBox Mini is powered by batteries meaning it can BUS power your devices, but this also means it can charge your additional USB accessories as well.  So when your smartphone runs out of juice, you can charge it easily using the USB Host Charge.

The main features of the Miditech PianoBox Mini General MIDI Sound Module include:

  • General MIDI sound module with 128 GM sounds
  • Full GM MIDI Implementation
  • 64 times Polyphonic
  • 2500mAh battery
  • 3-segment LED display
  • Headphone (Line) output
  • USB host and Micro USB connections
  • Internal battery is charged via the Micro USB port
  • Includes: 3.5 mm jack to MIDI adapter (for MIDI IN) and micro-USB cable

Manufacturer: Miditech

This page first created on: 16/03/2015

Customer Reviews

Expertise/Experience: Artist
Chelmsford GB

I would love to say this sound module is great! But I haven't even had the chance to use it because I'm still waiting for my order that I haven't even received yet after weeks and weeks of waiting.

This customer purchased the product in July 2015


Bought for live performance instead of using my phone. It works exactly as described, runs my garage keys usb keyboard and makes the full general midi sound set. The piano is OK and some if the synth sounds are good, but the overall sound quality is not great, and there's a quiet distorted version of the sound mixed in at low levels which makes it unsuitable for performing with at low volumes.

The overall sound is like an entry level Yamaha pwm keyboard from the mid nineties. The windows 95 default dls sound file is similar, maybe slightly better.

It has one other fatal flaw, which is it cancels an existing note if you play it again. It's a jarring effect on sounds with a slow decay like strings. Because of that, even though it has 64 not polyphony, it often feels like it has much less, those notes go missing

The buttons and controller wheel work fine, there is a tangible click when the wheel moves round, but it usually ignores the very first click. Easy enough to adjust to.

Tl;dr - interface simple, battery good, easy to use, latency low, but sound is poor. Use for practising, not performing.

This customer purchased the product in July 2015


I was a little sceptical about this box, given the price but the sounds are pretty good with a very respectable Grand Piano patch. Headphone level is also very good. Build quality is excellent too. I bought it to enable me to practice whilst I am away from home using my Korg Taktile controller keyboard powered by an connected to the host-in port of this little box. For a mobile battery-powered solution, there isn't much else out there to compete if you have a controller keyboard that needs power over usb and does midi only over usb.

This customer purchased the product in June 2015