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Nord Electro 5D 73 Stage Piano

Code: 216585    Manufacturer Part No: 312511   
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Electro 5D 73 Stage Piano description:

The Clavia Nord Electro 5D 73 Stage Piano is a 73 key stage piano with semi-weighted waterfall keys. The Electro 5 builds on the success of the Electro 4 with further enhancements to the sounds, interface and overall functionality.

The Electro 5 features 1GB of Piano Sample memory which allows you to bring even more or Nord's sampled acoustic and electric pianos to the stage. These are all part of the Electro 5's piano section, which this and many more, comes from the freely downloadable Nord Piano Library. This library feature expertly sampled Grand and Upright Acoustic Pianos, legendary Electric Pianos, Clavinet and Harpsichords, all with their own unique character and provide an impressive sound palette.

Sympathetic String Resonance technology is a system that delivers a huge amount of realism to your performance when using the Grand or Upright pianos.  The Long Release and Advanced String Resonance is great for legato playing, giving you realistic sustain and resonance. 4 Dynamic Response Curves allows you to fully customise the keyboard response to how you play.

The Electro 5's dedicated Sample Synth section has an expanded memory for the Nord Sample Library, and features additional controls for decay/release and dynamics (filter/velocity). This Sample Library has a large selection of synth sounds from acclaimed sample producers as well as exclusive sounds from the Mellotron and Chamberlin. The Nord Sample Library itself has 256 MB of dedicated memory, with an efficient algorithm that makes it possible to fit samples up to three times the size compared standard sample players.

Great, tweakable effects from the Effect section allow you to instantly add grind, sparkle or atmosphere to your sound, and these effects are all in stereo. The amp/speaker features Vintage 122 Rotary Speaker simulations with a flexible stereo delay effect. This effect features tap-tempo and a ping-pong mode.

The Electro 5 has two sound slots that can be either layered, split or combined across the keyboard. Each slot can have specific effects or control/sustain pedal assigned to them, giving you a large amount of playability and customisation. When split, the function places the sound over 6 split points with indicating LED lights.

New to the Electro 5 is a Set List mode, allowing you to easily organise a group of programs for a specific song. This allows you to create unique set lists for different bands or situations with names and order, without  ever having to connect it to a computer. This is all displayed on a crystal clear OLED display.

A monitor input allows you to simply plug in your MP3 or CD player and play along with whatever music you want. The signal is monitored through the headphone output.

Included with the Electro 5 is a DVD containing the entire Nord Piano Library, and additional sounds can be downloaded for free on the Nord Piano Library page. Also included is the Nord Sample Editor. This allows you to add any sound you want to the Electro 5, using .wav audio files. The Sample Editor has great tools to make it as easy as possible to map several samples across the keyboard or creating seamless loops.

Finally, the 73 keys are semi weighted and have a rounded "water-fall" tip, great for rapid organ shredding and synthesizer licks, but also has great playability with piano sounds.

The main features of the Clavia Nord Electro 5D 73 Stage Piano include:

  • 73-key (6 octaves, E-E) Velocity sensitive Semi Weighted Waterfall
  • 1 GB memory dedicated to the Nord Piano Library
  • Advanced String Resonance-control
  • Long Release
  • 4 Dynamic Curves
  • Stereo pianos and samples can be played back in mono
  • 40-60 Voices polyphony for Piano Library sounds
  • 256 MB memory dedicated to the Nord Sample Library
  • Attack and Decay/Release control
  • Dynamics control (Filter/Velocity)
  • 15 Voice polyphony for Sample Library sounds
  • Effects: Phaser, Flanger, Chorus, Vibe, Reverb (with 5 algorithms) and delay
  • 2 x 6.3 unbalanced jacks
  • 1 x 3.5mm stereo jack
  • Headphone input
  • MIDI in and MIDI out
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 1066 x 97 x 296mm
  • Weight: 9.2 kg

MPN: 312511

Manufacturer: Nord

This page first created on: 20/01/2015

Customer Reviews

Expertise/Experience: 30 years
Music Style: Nultiple

This really is the Electro I've been waiting for - I own a Mk2 & a Mk4 so I've been a huge fan for well over a decade. Pretty close to a Stage 2 at half the price!! The split/layer facility is worth the entrance fee alone - piano with a gentle pad backing, synth lead with organ left hand etc. I'm now using my old Mk2 as a controller for the Mk5 in split mode - each keyboard plays one of the two sounds across the full keyboard length; superb! The new set list facility combined with a proper OLED screen rather than the 3 characters of the Mk4 makes a huge difference too. For some reason (the Leslie sim probably) the Hammond sounds are, to me at any rate, way more realistic than the Mk4 - previously I actually prefered my Mk2 Hammond over the Mk4, but for me the Mk5 is up there with GSi's VB3 plug-in and if you've never used that, trust me, that is very high praise indeed! And finally, seperate Delay & Reverb - lovely ) If you already dig Nord's pianos - acoustic & electric, Hammond, Clavinet (which, although not as variable as the 2 or 4, still sounds great) and sample library then you're gonna love this beast! I cannot praise this keyboard highly enough and I can forsee it being my gigging (band is called Archive; 60s & 70s British Rock & Pop - Small Faces, Faces, Bowie, Stones, Who et al) keyboard for many many years to come.

This customer purchased the product in January 2016

London GB

My initial impressions are very very positive.

The waterfall keyboard is a joy to play. Really immediate and light enough to glissando and mash B3 sounds. But it has enough weight to work nicely for acoustic piano sounds. Well judged!

I'm Loving the B3 sounds and the leslie is exactly what I think it should be.
Acoustic piano sounds again exactly as wished.
I was surprised that (for me) The Rhodes is not quite what it should be (comparing with Scarbee samples) although its very close and may yet be fixable with some editing.
Sample synth defaults are very usable with a few real gems thrown in (Mellotron) but I have not explored the rest of the library yet and I am looking forward to loading in a few of my own favourite samples.
The distortion on the leslie falls short of my Tube Rotosphere (fizzy , but that is probably still too much to ask).

The control surface looks complicated but after playing and peeking at the manual it becomes really clear that this is version 5 of the Electro and that they have learned from their experience. All of the knob/button choices are very clever and logical to give you what you really need to have to hand in live use with the minimum number of controls.

Providing you are looking for a bi-timbral stage piano/organ I can't recommend this highly enough.

This customer purchased the product in November 2016


Upgraded from a Nord Electro 3. It's the exact same size so fits my flight case and the split functionality is what I've always wanted. It's just as light and perches nicely on my Hammond. This thing is awesome.

This customer purchased the product in June 2016

Manchester GB

Really impressed with this so far. Great piano and organ sounds and some good samples, plus a range of effects you can apply to them. No more laptop and vsti's for gigging, this will do all of it

This customer purchased the product in April 2016