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Cardinal Vaughan Memorial School

Published: Friday 14 July 2006

Music Tech Room

Cardinal Vaughan required a music technology suite which could also be utilised as a keyboard laboratory. Director of music, Scott Price, wanted the ability to monitor the work of his students and converse with each of them privately and individually or as a group from a central position within the classroom. To help the school achieve this, a Haines Laboratory system was chosen and professionally installed.

Technical specification

  • 16 workstations each have an Apple iMac computer a M-Audio FireWire audio interface with an Edirol controller keyboard. Each one is connected to an audio and a network port, mounted under the desk linked to the teacher’s workstation and to a network switcher and an Ethernet disk for storage and file sharing.
  • The teacher’s desk houses the playback system for the room (CD, MD and cassette tape) with the amplifier connected to wall mounted JBL speakers.
  • There are also 4 Apple G5 computers in this room with Audiophile sound cards and Edirol controller keyboards.
  • An LCD projector mounted on the teacher’s desk projects onto the wall allowing the playback of images, film etc.

Choristers room

This room has a freestanding floor rack, housing a playback and recording system (CD, MD, cassette tape and amplifier) and a small mixer, which is connected to 2 ceiling mounted condenser microphones to allow recording of the choir and playback through wall mounted Tannoy speakers.

Main Hall

Each side of the hall has a flush-mounted bespoke wall box with 24 microphone inputs and 4 returns which are wired directly to the studio control room’s wall box.

Live room

There is a flush mounted bespoke wall box with 24 mic inputs and 4 returns which are wired directly into the control room wall box.

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