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DV Music Village Square Deal - Apple iPad

Buying a suite of Macs always looks great in the prospectus but often not so great on the balance sheets. To combat this, DV Education has found a way for you to acquire your dream Mac suite and even to equip every student with their own iPad. The DV Square deal is run in partnership with one of the UK's Apple Premium Resellers and is designed to give you the technology you want in a way you can afford it.

Byte-size investment

The DV Square deal allows schools and colleges to finance computers over a period that best suits their needs and their budget. There are two schemes on offer, that are an ideal remedy to these difficult times, giving you the flexibility to allocate funds over a prolonged period with no interest payments. This means you can budget for the entire term of the finance knowing that the repayments are set in stone. The finance period can happily coincide with the normal working lifetime of a computer, so at the end of the agreement you can simply replace all your computers rather than attempt to upgrade them, part exchange them or sell them. If you would like to purchase them at the end of the period then you have that option and the "Fair Market Rate" that is applied is very favourable (as little as 10% of original retail value in some cases). DV Square also gives you the option to sell them back to us for a profit.

The first scheme is the straightforward DV Square Classic finance agreement which allows you to enjoy any number of Mac computers with monthly fixed payments. This is normally taken over a three year period or longer and can include Apple software.

The second option is the revolutionary DV Square iStudent agreement which you can use to supply each student with an iPad. For this option, you would normally sign up a key stage or the whole school for one or two years. The machines are insured against loss or damage with instant replacements awarded and not too many questions asked! With repayments from as little as œ17 a month, this option can be paid for entirely by the parents. Again, at the end you can either buy the machines at a massively discounted rate and keep them or sell them - or simply replace them and start again.

A wealth of knowledge

The iStudent plan may seem a complicated and grandiose commitment, but it is actually a simple short term scheme with a relatively low risk. The reason it works so well is that the core of the scheme is simply helping students buy the technology they would typically buy anyway and, in doing so, helping parents turn an expensive and often unaffordable Christmas present into an affordable investment in their child's education. By taking ownership of this technology, installing good software and teaching them how to use it productively, you are turning a cool toy with a potentially negative impact, into the positive tool for learning which it is designed to be. For students who cannot afford a new iPad, you are giving them an opportunity to develop with their peers in a world of technology. On all three sides of the teacher, student, parent triangle you will find support because there are so many clear advantages. Here are just a few:

  • With all students owning an iPad, they are free to learn wherever they like, whenever they like. They can work at home, on the way to school, at friends houses or whilst staying with their grandparents. If they suddenly have an inspirational idea but aren't in class, they have their computer right there with them.
  • There is an ever increasing number of music applications available for the iPad, many of which are better and easier to use than those for Mac/PC because they have touch screen controls. This means music students can be working on the move, rehearsing and performing together wherever they may be. The uptake of music will be higher due to the accessibility, increased understanding and enjoyment of music apps, and because they can easily enjoy working together out of school on cool, non-school related projects.
  • There are many great devices that can be plugged directly into iPhones, iPods and iPads to allow them to be used for recording and performing music on the move.
  • With iPads the students can access the internet at any time and the answers to their questions are always at their fingertips.
  • Many families are unable to afford iPhones, iPads or even a computer at home. By supplying all students with iPads they are all equals when it comes to owning and understanding technology and there are no restrictions on what can be set as homework.
  • Children need to be prepared for the future and mobile technology will undoubtedly be a major part of that. Using, and even designing, apps will play a big part in many of their lives.
  • A good knowledge of computers and the internet is now essential for the majority of jobs out there and that percentage will increase.
  • Being entrusted with an expensive and powerful device builds a child's esteem, trust and sense of worth. It also helps them become more careful and considerate with belongings.
  • The scheme will attract students and parents to your school.

You don't need to be a genius to work it out!

You don't need an iPod, iPad, Mac, or be a certified Apple genius to get on board. Apple computers are synonymous with quality and ease of use. If you can use a Windows system then you are qualified to use Apple. Almost all applications are Apple compatible and all Microsoft titles can be used on Apple systems. If you have courses that require Windows, then by using a dual boot system called "Bootcamp", you can to choose to boot up the Apple operating system or a Windows system. This means that your students get to learn both operating systems, which is very useful indeed.

Don't worry about having the approval of the Head, the governors or the government before giving DV Square a call. If you are intrigued in any way then give them a call and get the facts, figures, and a plan that is suited to your school, your needs and your budget. You may be surprised at how cheap these options can be, so discount this as an option until you have the figures. They have a dedicated number and email address for you to use (see below) and they are there to answer your questions, be it a simple explanation on how the schemes work, the benefits of using Apple computers, the software available, or a detailed hardware specification and payment plan. The DV Square team has many years experience in helping schools make the right decisions and will be happy to visit your school and help convince the Head and the governors for you.

The DV Square team will also assist in installation, configuration, network requirements and all the after sales support you may need. With over 20 years in the education business already, you can be sure that the DV Square team will be there to help from start to finish (if there is a finish!).

To find out more:
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