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Lambeth Academy

Published: Monday 26 December 2005

Lambeth Academy

Lambeth Academy

– The Complete Plug-and-Play Solution

Music Village was asked to help with the specification and setting up of the Music Department of the recently opened Lambeth Academy. The project included the supply of traditional musical instruments (an entire symphony orchestra, Latin and African drum sets), rock band equipment (drum kits, guitars, basses, keyboards, amplification) and the setting up of a recording studio with a bespoke wiring installation into the building infrastructure.

Meetings were held during the very early stages of the building process with architects, electrical and building contractors along with music department staff in order to ensure the delivery of a solution to meet the expanding technological needs of 21st century education. For example, video cable was run alongside the audio cabling to facilitate a video link between the theatre and the recording studio.

There are approximately one hundred microphone lines in the building giving the ability to record from the school theatre, sports hall, any of five practice rooms, or either of the studio’s two live rooms. The studio itself is based around Digidesign Protools HD installed on an Apple G5 Powermac computer running Digidesign, Apple and Steinberg software. Audio routing and mixing is handled by a Yamaha 02R96 digital mixing console. Hardware outboard processing by TC Electronics and Lexicon complements a comprehensive software plug-in set which includes titles by Waves and Bomb Factory.

Another innovation was the design and delivery of three “listening tables” for the school library. Each table contains four playback engines to drive headphones and music is stored on a separate administrator’s computer. Students can select and listen to music through headphones in the school library. The catalogue of music can be tailored and censored by the librarian so unsuitable content is not an issue. Students cannot access the music catalogue which is password protected.

For more information about this project or any proposed scheme, please contact Gareth Bevan at DV Installation on 01708 771906 / 07813 919969 or via email:

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