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ART XL231 Dual Channel 31 Band Graphic EQ

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ART XL231 Dual Channel 31 Band Graphic EQ


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XL231 Dual Channel 31 Band Graphic EQ description:

The ART XL231 Dual Channel 31 Band Graphic EQ - Designed and engineered to exceed extremely high standards for audio performance and functionality. This innovative, high-quality equalizer is perfect for virtually any audio application where precision frequency tailoring, reliable performance, rugged design and extremely silent processing are of the utmost priority.

The XL 231 features active filter sections, which incorporate a constant-Q design. This constant-Q design, with its accurate precision center frequencies, ensures that the bandwidth of every individual filter will be narrow enough to prevent unnecessary interaction between adjacent filters, yet still create an equalization curve wide enough to produce the exact and precise processing of audio frequencies the user seeks. Filter circuitry incorporates high quality low noise components including 1% resistors, and, precision high performance 2% film capacitors.

The XL 231 Graphic Equalizer includes a variable output level control, 10 segment level bar with peak hold, clip level indicator, and selectable line voltage. Additional features include selectable Scale Switching - (High Slider Resolution ±6dB - or Normal Resolution (±12dB), active balanced and unbalanced input/output connectors, and RFI filtering. A front panel Bypass switch allows direct comparison between the equalized and non-equalized signal for each channel.

The ART XL231 Main Features Include:

  • Greater than 123dB dynamic range
  • Ultra low noise and high output
  • 40 Volt internal circuitry for added headroom, and line driving capability
  • High and Low frequency “Trim” controls for sweetening overall sound after EQ has been set
  • Enhanced Cut Mode: Up to –18dB narrow band dips
  • Normal and Enhanced Modes also have Half-Scale modes for a total of 4 Boost/Cut modes
  • 10 Segment LED level meters with “Peak-Hold” and clipping indication
  • Constant Q design with interleaved filter banks to reduce band interaction
  • High precision filters with 2% film capacitors, 1% resistors
  • Built-in RFI suppression
  • Grounded center-tapped slide potentiometers for true zero flat position
  • 45mm metal shaft slide potentiometers with center detents, and mixing desk style knobs
  • Automatic relay bypass if power is lost
  • Euroblock detachable barrier strips, XLR, and 1/4 inch phone Ring-Tip-Sleeve balanced inputs and outputs
  • Toroidal power transformer

Manufacturer: ART

This page first created on: 16/07/2010

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