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Behringer POWERPLAY 16 P16-M

Code: 82406    Manufacturer Part No: 000-421   
Behringer POWERPLAY 16 P16-M
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POWERPLAY 16 P16-M description:

Behringer Powerplay 16 P16-M 16-Channel Digital Personal Mixer - Lets each performer take control of what they hear, allowing the engineer to concentrate on providing the audience with the best possible listening experience.

The Behringer P16-M’s simple user interface makes it easy for even non-techies to dial-in the perfect monitor mix. For example, let’s say the electric guitar is too loud in the lead vocalist’s mix; they simply press the appropriate channel button (the one labeled E. GTR) and turn the Volume control to lower the guitar level in their mix. They can also adjust Pan (left to right mix), EQ (Bass, Mid with sweepable Freq control and Treble), and much more. All of these adjustments can be made without affecting anyone else’s personal mix.

A basic installation consists of one P16-I Input Module (sold separately), which connects to the main mixing console, and up to six P16-M Personal Mixers, creating a system big enough to equip a typical recording studio, a small to medium-sized band, or a worship team. You’ll also need a few standard audio and CAT5 cables. The optional P16- MB mounting bracket allows the P16-M Digital Personal Mixer to be attached to any standard microphone, music or drum stand. The system can easily be expanded via the P16-D Digital ULTRANET Distributor, six of which can be combined to drive up to forty-eight P16-M Personal Mixers.

The POWERPLAY P16 puts total control of the monitor system where it belongs—in the hands of the performers, freeing up the engineer to sculpt the perfect front-of-house mix. The POWERPLAY P16 system is the easy, affordable way to tame runaway stage volume and give your musicians and vocalists what they really want—“more me!”

The Behringer Powerplay 16 P16-M Main Features:

  • 16-channel digital stereo mixer to create your personal monitor mix
  • Ultra-intuitive "analog" operation with total recall and 16 presets for custom mixes
  • State-of-the-art 24-bit D/A converters for premium audio quality
  • 16 Channel Select buttons with dual LEDs for perfect overview
  • Level and Pan/Spread control per channel with LED meter
  • 3-band EQ per channel with mid-band frequency control
  • Solo and Mute functions per channel
  • Global Level and EQ controls plus Panic Mute function
  • High power and "drummer proof" headphones output
  • Fully adjustable limiter protects your ears and headphones
  • Additional mono/stereo line output to connect your powered monitor
  • MIDI IN port for real-time remote control of all channels by external MIDI device such as BEHRINGER BCF2000, BCR2000, etc.
  • Standard CAT5e connection delivers power and 16 signals to each Personal Mixers
  • ULTRANET connector to daisy-chain up to forty-eight P16-M mixers for large systems (in conjunction with P16-D)
  • Ultra-low system latency of less than 1 millisecond
  • Powered via external power supply (included) or P16-I / P16-D
  • Mounts easily on a mic stand with the P16-MB mic stand mount (not included)
  • Extremely rugged construction ensures long life even under the most demanding conditions
  • Conceived and designed by BEHRINGER Germany

MPN: 000-421

Manufacturer: Behringer

This page first created on: 07/01/2011

Customer Reviews

Expertise/Experience: Professional 40+ years
Music Style: Varied, mainly rock. But RNCM classically trained
Cornwall GB

We now have 5 of these in our band, Tango in the Night and they just work.
Perfect for all monitoring especially in ear. If you are concerned with the name Behringer and past associations with cheapness, a great analogy would be Skoda. Though Behringer (or 'Berry' as we call it down here was never ever that bad, just ridiculousy cheap. With an x32 desk and this system you have a world class rig, at a third of the cost of the nearest competitor. The only people I've heard try to criticize this stuff work for Allen and Heath, cant think why?
Do yourself a favour and try it, make the effort, Behringer certainly have!
If I could give it 10 stars I would!

This customer purchased the product in March 2014


You can pay hundreds, possibly thousands of pounds/euros/dollars to achieve an optimal in-ear system. I've been using in-ear now for about 2 years and would never go back. The P-16 offers incredible value to money, providing you total control over what you want to hear in your in-ears (or wedge monitor if you use the line-out connection). 16 channels which can be configured into groups (e.g drums) or stereo left/right (e.g. keyboards) gives most musicians all that they could possibly want on stage. I use it with the Behringer x32 Producer mixer for both live and studio and that's the perfect single cat5 cable setup, however I also play in a band that uses a P16-i to effectively DI from xlr to cat5 for the monitoring. All 5 band members use a P16 and we have no back-line at all - amazing! On stage all you hear are the voclists and the drummer hitting the pads of his electric kit! As you can save your config (several) then setup is simple. You can power from a power supply or (in our case) via the cat5 from the P16-i (or S16 or P16-D). The only feature that I don't think makes too much difference is the 3 band EQ but it really doesn't matter. A couple of the guys in the band also use a headphone amplifier claiming the P16-M isn't quite loud enough but they've been playing in rock bands for 20 years! Great product!

This customer purchased the product in August 2015


Good little unit but the practical function does rely on some decent IEM headphones! Also watch out for the power supply mine was supplied as a two pin Euro plug which was a problem!

This customer purchased the product in April 2016