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Benchmark Media DAC16 D/A Digital to Analogue Converter

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DAC16 D/A Digital to Analogue Converter description:

The Benchmark Media DAC16 D/A high-end digital to analogue converter utilises Benchmark’s UltraLock32 technology, with a 32-bit, 192 kHz asynchronous up-sampling process for unparalleled performance.

Features include an ultra high-performance 2-channel mode, an ultra low-noise 16-2 analog summing bus, a 16-channel meter bridge, and 3 sets of routable digital inputs with support for a variety of input formats. An optional I/O interface card supports bi-directional 16-channel connections to and from a multichannel device such as a DAW.

The jitter-free UltraLock32 Clock System eliminates jitter, and the DAC16 can simultaneously convert digital signals from multiple sample rates and multiple clock domains. All D-to-A conversion uses Benchmark's UltraLock32 jitter attenuation to insure that conversion never introduces audible jitter-induced distortion.

The DAC16 allows analog summing of 8 stereo stems. This 16 to 2 analog summing opens up your mix and allows you to hear details that could be lost when mixing 'in the box'. In typical Benchmark fashion, the analog summing bus in the DAC16 out-performs stand-alone analog summing busses.

The DAC16 includes a generous array of digital input paths. There are 8 coaxial inputs, 8 optical inputs, and 2 DB25 balanced digital inputs. All inputs support AES (professional format) and S/PDIF (consumer format). The optical inputs also support ADAT, ADAT SMUX2 (96 kHz), and ADAT SMUX4 (192 kHz).

The DAC16 features the same multi-resolution metering used on the Benchmark ADC16 and ADC1 converters. These 9-segment meters accurately capture short transients and include decay characteristics that make every transient visible to the human eye.

Benchmark Media DAC16 D/A converter main features include:

  • 16 channels of digital-to-analog conversion
  • Ultra high performance 2-channel mode
  • 16 to 2 analog summing bus
  • 16 balanced analog outputs on two DB25 connectors
  • Three sets of digital inputs (Balanced AES, coax, optical)
  • AES/EBU, S/PDIF, ADAT, ADAT S/MUX2, and ADAT S/MUX4 input formats
  • Optional Firewire card adds 16 channel bi-directional digital interface
  • Digital inputs can be routed to option card
  • Word Clock input and output
  • Benchmark UltraLock32 clock technology for jitter-free conversion
  • Multi-function meters on every channel
  • Output levels adjustable in 1 dB steps
  • 24-bit conversion at any sample-rate between 28 kHz and 200 kHz
  • Independent sample rates on each stereo pair
  • Up to +28 dBu at 0 dBFS
  • THD+N = -120dB, 0.0001% @ -3 dBFS input, SNR = 129 dB A-weighted
  • SNR = 135 dB A-weighted in 2-channel mode
  • Reliable and consistent performance under all operating conditions

Manufacturer: Benchmark Media

This page first created on: 20/01/2012

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