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Catalinbread Echorec Tape Echo Guitar Effects Pedal

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Catalinbread Echorec Tape Echo Guitar Effects Pedal


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Echorec Tape Echo Guitar Effects Pedal description:

The Catalinbread Echorec Tape Echo Guitar Effects Pedal is a tape echo guitar effects pedal, featuring 12 presets, a 40 to 1000ms delay time, with controls including swell, tone, delay time and mix. Famous for making your guitar sound better even when the echoes are turned off. The Echoplex was not necessarily “hi-fi”. As the echoes repeated, the signal got progressively degraded, losing low end and gaining a shiny, percussive top end with a bit of grit. The first repeat is strong and then it gets more and more diffused as it repeats. And in a well-tuned unit, you could dial in the repeats “Echo Sustain” so that it would float almost indefinitely, or cross the threshold to self-oscillation

There’s a control on the EP-3 that sets how hard the tape gets hit. While this control was ostensibly used to optimize signal-to-noise ratio, set low it would give light and airy repeats and set high it would saturate the tape hard and give an awesome fat and grungy repeat tone. Catalinbread designed the Belle Epoch’s modulation control to simulate the daily mechanical irregularities inherent in original Echoplex units. The original unit had a unique quality that when moving the delay time slider it took a moment to catch up to the adjustment, creating a doppler like effect. The Belle Epoch reproduces this behaviour while you turn the echo delay knob.

The main features of the Catalinbread Echorec Tape Echo Guitar Effects Pedal include:

  • Delay effect
  • Authentic reproduction of the Maestro Echoplex EP-3
  • Delay time: 80 to 800 m/s
  • Controller: Echo Sustain, Mod, Record Level, Echo Delay, Mix

Manufacturer: Catalinbread

This page first created on: 25/09/2015

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