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DiGiCo S21 Desk

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DIGIco S21 Touch-Screen Mixing Desk Image
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S21 Desk description:

The DIGIco S21 Touch-Screen Mixing Desk is the entry level model from the world-class mixing desk developers. Using the same Stealth Digital Processing core that powers their whole SD range this desk needs to be seen to be believed – the kind of power and features contained within it would ordinarily be expected to come at a far higher price point. Even in its appearance the S21 conforms to DIGIco’s build-quality, style and design. Aluminium extrusions, RGB switch encoders with HTL (Hidden Til-Lit), polycarbonate overlays and dual large multi-touch screens all illuminate the high-grade product for what it is. The designers were given a very specific brief: to develop a console that gave the operator all the sensations they would get when stood behind the DIGIco SD7. Considering that desk costs well over £100,000 you can begin to see why this desk has produced such excitement on its announcement.

The features of the S21 could (and do) fill a book, but essentially it is a complete live sound/recording solution, to the point where a small studio or live venue could simply purchase this desk and will have covered their FOH, monitoring and mixing duties. It contains the same FPGA algorithms as the SD7 and the Mic Pre design is lifted from the 192 kHz SD-Rack. This technology is manipulated with ease through the console’s front-end. Motorised faders, assignable groups and high-end effects can all be controlled via the 2 multi-touch screens (which DIGIco have been putting in their consoles since 1997) for intuitive project work-flow. Indeed, any option you would expect to find on a desk in a world-class recording studio can probably be found somewhere on the S21.

The S21 redefines what an “entry-level” desk can be, and what such a desk should be capable of.

The main features of the DIGIco S21 Touch-Screen Mixing Desk include:

  • 96 kHz Audio as Standard
  • 40 x Flexi Channels
  • 46 x Busses (16 x Stereo (32), Stereo Master (2), Solo Buses (2 Stereo, 4 Total), and 10 x 8 Matrix (8))
  • 24 x Mic Line Inputs
  • 12 x Analogue Outs
  • 2 x AES I/O (Mono)
  • Word Clock I/O
  • 1 x GPI & 1 x GPO
  • DVI Out
  • 2 x DMI Card Slots
  • 2 x Ethernet Connections for Networking
  • 2 x 24 Segment Master/Solo Meters
  • Touch Sensitive Rotaries with Integrated Switch & HTL
  • 2 x Multi-Touch Screens
  • 21 x Touch Sensitive Moving Faders
  • 4 x Layers of Banks of 10 Faders
  • Customisable Bank & Channel Layout
  • Snapshots
  • Integrated USB2 Audio I/O Interface for Recording and Playback of up to 48 Channels 40 x Input Flex-Channels Mono/Stereo
  • 10 x Control Groups
  • 1 x Compressor per Channel and Buss
  • 1 x Gate per Channel & Buss (Switchable to Ducker or Compressor with Side Chain Access)
  • 16 x Assignable 32 Band Graphic EQs
  • 8 x FX Engines (Reverbs, Delays, w/Modulation & Enhancer)
  • 4 x Assignable DiGiTuBes
  • 4 x Assignable Multiband Comps
  • User Definable Macros

Manufacturer: DiGiCo

This page first created on: 08/06/2016

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