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Fostex PM-SUBmini

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Fostex PM-SUBmini

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PM-SUBmini description:

The PM-SUBmini is the small yet powerful subwoofer system which has been designed to fit perfectly with the best selling Fostex PM0.3/0.3d as well as the newly announced PM0.1 monitor speaker system in both the sound characteristics and the physical size. The PM-SUBmini can also be added to your existing compact speakers thanks to the through-terminal for satellite speakers and variable crossover frequency control between 60/150Hz.

The main features of the PM-SUBmini include:

  • Type: Closed type
  • Speaker unit: 5-inch (13cm) woofer unit
  • Rated Output Power: 50W
  • Frequency Response: 40Hz – 150Hz
  • Crossover Adjustment: 40Hz – 150Hz
  • Signal to Noise Ratio: 80dB (A-Weighted)
  • Input Jack: RCA Pin Jack x 1
  • Input Impedance: 10k ohm or higher
  • Physical Dimensions: 200(W) x 185(H) x 233(D) mm
  • Weight: approx. 7.4kg
  • Power Consumption: approx. 15W, less than 0.5W in stand-by mode
  • Accessories:  Power cord (2m) x 1 Auido cable (RCA pin – RCA pin 1.5m) x 1

Manufacturer: Fostex

This page first created on: 16/09/2014

Customer Reviews


I recently built some speakers using 3.5 inch Tectonic Elements BMR drivers.
Which I was hoping to use as a full range speaker with my desktop PC. However even using DSP and speaker correction they lacked for grunt in the lower frequencies.
So I wanted an inexpensive subwoofer that was small, went down to 40hz had a pass through mode; and was reasonably efficient. Oh and I wanted it for music rather than cinema.
This little Fostex ticks all the boxes. I would say it is the smallest proper sub that you can get.

The only downside is that there is no speaker grill so if like me you want it under a desk you risk kicking the driver.

I made my own for about 5 quid and an hour's effort.

So I am now using it with Viper4Windows and a convolver filter with home built speakers . a 50 quid digital amp and a 50 quid nuforce dac; and the sound is fantastic.

I am not going to claim it beats multi thousand pound equipment but the sound is involving and makes you want to listen to more music. Which is what it is all about. So I am happy.

This customer purchased the product in October 2016

Expertise/Experience: Very
Music Style: Mostly Rock
Kettering UK GB

Delivered completely over-packaged, even more cardboard and paper to recycle...
The supplied power lead wasn't a UK 3 pin type, so I had to find a 13 amp plug so I could plug it in plus the RCA phono lead supplied was a real cheapo type and was immediately binned.
Apart from that, getting it all connected was simple using my quality phono leads. My PM0.3 speakers sounded pretty good before, but with this little monster connected it sounds amazing. I now have a compact sound system to play all my music and do my audio can something so small sound so loud? ...this has replaced a Roland CM-110 that sadly died.

This customer purchased the product in August 2017


Complements the PM03d speakers perfectly with characteristically uncoloured sound, filling in the bass end of the audio spectrum.

This customer purchased the product in July 2017