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JBL LSR305 Professional Studio Monitors (Pair)

Professional Studio Monitors with 5" Woofer (Pair)

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JBL LSR305 Professional Studio Monitors (Pair) Image

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LSR305 Professional Studio Monitors (Pair) description:

Manufacturer: JBL

This page first created on: 04/11/2014

Customer Reviews

Expertise/Experience: Film Maker
Music Style: All
London GB

These are small and compact but fit very well in my Video edit suite. The sound from these small monitors are exceptional for the price, you'd think you'd be listening to something more expensive. Great sound separation and the bass these little things produce is quite surprising. I can't find any fault with these for the price. A quality product from a company I didn't even realise made monitors.

This customer purchased the product in April 2015


Honestly these little speakers have more low end then you could imagine for a 5 cone. They also handle the mids and highs extremely well. I have worked with krk rokit 5's and these LSR305 runs laps around them. (p.s, the wave guide really does make a difference)

This customer purchased the product in April 2015


Tight bottom end, and smooth highs. These monitors are replacing an older pair of JBL's I had, and in this price range they are the best you can get, hands down.

This customer purchased the product in September 2015


Excellent bass response for the size of monitors.
Good functions on rear for tweaking sound to meet needs of monitor placement.
Great value for money.

This customer purchased the product in December 2015

Expertise/Experience: Singer, songwriter, producer
Durham GB

Affordable near-field monitors that offer great clarity with an accurate and flat response. The new wave-guide tweeter gives a wide sweet spot and exposes detail. The bass is rich and very good for a five inch woofer and the small size of the enclosure. The rear firing ports need careful positioning, but the trim switches can be used to tailor the sound if required. I left mine flat. Straight out of the box, they sounded fantastic with everything that I threw at them.

The only cons are that mine shipped with US style power cables, so I could not try them out as soon as they arrived. In my opinion, these are great value professional units, ideal for the beginner or a seasoned pro in a smaller work space.

This customer purchased the product in February 2015


Great sound from these speakers, especially considering the price point. So if your on a budget but want a quality sound then the JBL LSR305's are right for you.

This customer purchased the product in January 2016

Bristol GB

Great performance clear separate all levels of track. Worth a buy!

This customer purchased the product in April 2017

Music Style: Hip Hop & Rap
Birmingham, UK GB

The JBL LSR305's are great value, convenient and perform exceptionally well under pressure, meaning they do not distort and instead provide a high level of warmth and richness to the sound making the listening of music a pleasurable experience.

A must have for all music enthusiasts and producers!

This customer purchased the product in April 2016

Expertise/Experience: Hi-Fi Enthusiast
Birmingham UK GB

I required some small speakers to help with the mediocre sound produced by my TV.

These seemed to fit the bill nicely, being compact in size, having built in amps and being under £200 for a pair, delivered!!

I was already expecting pretty good things from these having read the reviews but didn't quite expect them to sound sooo good! The room I'm using them in is 17ft x 12ft so they don't shake the windows with bass but still produce a decent amount which remains nice and tight even at high volume!

The midrange is superb, the highs are detailed and smooth (no harshness as with some actives) the imagining is some of the best I've experienced and the speakers simply disappear.

Just to put these in to perspective I've had the following passive speakers - B&W 805S's, 805D's, Neat Ultimatum XLS's, Dynaudio Focus 110's. The Neats are £5k standmounts and although they are clearly better than the JBL's we're only talking 10.

I guess the biggest con of these speakers is the fact for £200 I can have such good quality sound with amps included that I'm now struggling to justify why I'd spend 10 x the amount of some passive speakers (plus amplification on top) which are only marginally better and coming from a long term hi-fi fan thats hard to comprehend!

This customer purchased the product in January 2017