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KS Digital Montreux

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KS Digital Montreux


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Montreux description:

The KS Digital Montreaux is an Analogue and Digital Monitor Controller. The Montreux is a highly efficient tool for volume control and for routing listener signals. Regardless if the signal is analogue or digital, if the monitors are analogue or digital, the KS Digital Montreux allows every professional connection format. Physically the sources and the speakers are connected with the 19Ë controller unit via XLR. Then the domain (digital or analogue) is selected on the front-side of the controller for every channel. The analogue input has an overload capacity of up to 10dBV. If the digital domain switch is selected, the left XLR socket must be connected to the digital signal. The allowed signal sample rate lies in the range of 32 kHz to 192 kHz with an audio resolution of 16 to 24 Bit. 

The internal SRCs reclock of the signal is done an internal reference clock on an HD sample frequency of 96 kHz. The digital output signals are then at 96 kHz as well as the internal converter. This guarantees a high-resolution, top performing playback. The connection of headphones in the mixing process only makes sense when it is uncomplicated and at the same level of the monitors. Level jumps to the monitor distort the sound image and therefore reduces the possibility for comparison. During the development of the Montreux, KS Digital placed special value on the sound quality and output performance of the headphone amplifier, so that they can be seriously incorporated into the production process. By pressing the HEAD button, all other outputs are muted. The adjustment of the monitor level is done with help from the Offset-Gain- setting which available on all channels.

The main features of the KS Digital Montreaux include:

  • AD converter  110dB S/N
  • DA converter  118dB S/N
  • Headphone amplifier: 8 Ohm => 1.57W
  • 20 Ohm => 1.42W
  • 100 Ohm => 0.5W
  • 200 Ohm => 0.3W
  • 600 Ohm => 100mW
  • Sub-Chanel: Highpass- / Lowpass-Crossover 12dB / Oct @ 80Hz (adjustable) quality of 0.707, Delay adjustable
  • IN / OUT: XLR-symmetric Analogue/Digital select, subwoofer output-connector
  • Montreux Desktop unit: 27 x 20 x 5 cm / Montreux Matrix: 19" 1H

Manufacturer: KS Digital

This page first created on: 03/11/2014

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